Thursday, November 30, 2017

Guys Meet This Lady, Sahar Tabar, Who Wants To Look Like Hollywood Actress, Angelina Jolie (Pics)

Sahar Tabar, a young woman from the Iranian capital Tehran, has one important life goal - to be as close as possible to Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie. After no less than 50 beauty operations, the appearance of the 40 pounds of fallen Tabar begins to approach the American movie star.
The reactions to the photos that Sahar Tabar shares are especially negative. Many people find her transformation, which started at the beginning of this year, frightening and totally failed.
A zombie, someone notices. Yet another: Deadly sin! This is inhumane. On her Instagram, already 270,000 followers, you can also find nicer comments such as ‘beautiful, you are indeed starting to look like Angelina’.
Twenty-two Sahar Tabar, based on the sometimes photoshopped snapshots she posted recently, enlarged her lips with fillers, adjusted her teeth, reduced her nose and pointy, and adjusted her cheekbones and jawline. 
For the time being, she wants to continue with plastic surgery in order to ultimately look like Jolie (42) for the full 100%. Her followers wonder whether that wish is healthy."

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