Friday, November 10, 2017

Awww.. Indian Woman Blinded And Badly Burnt In Acid Attack, Finds Love In Hospital

In 2007, 15-year-old Pramodini Roul was returning home after taking an exam in Tirtol, Jagatsinghpur district, Odisha, India, when a paramilitary soldier on a bike allegedly hurled acid on her face, melting it away completely and blinding her in both eyes.

He reportedly attacked her because she had turned down his marriage proposal.

Pramodini spent four months in ICU after suffering severe burns to her face, as well as lost vision, in the attack around a decade ago. But now, she has found true love - from her hospital bed.

The 25-year-old, known as "Rani", says her boyfriend, Saroj Kumar Sahoo, treats her "like a queen" and always encourages her to "live life happily". 

The two met while Rani was in hospital and have been living together for a year in New Delhi and are now planning to get married.

Rani says: "Saroj really treats me like a queen. He loves me like the way I am. He always encourages me to live life happily. I feel very lucky to have him. He is very understanding and is always there for me.

It always feels good to be loved and be assured of having a partner who loves and recognises the goodness in you." The skin from her legs was used for grafting . Doctors had told her mother that Rani would need at least four years before she can walk again.

Saroj, 26, started visiting Rani everyday to boost her morale, eventually quitting his job and spending eight hours a day to look after her. She said: "I had already lost my eyesight and the thought of being bedridden was an added woe. But Saroj did not lose hope. He would encourage me everyday, motivating me to be positive and have hopes.”

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