Friday, October 27, 2017

SAD! Ebonyi State Widow Of 3 Kids Electrocuted By Electric Wire left Carelessly On The Road (Graphic Pics)

This is such a SAD news!! A mother of 3 kids got electrocuted to death by an electric wire left carelessly on a road in Ebonyi State.
According to Facebook user, Basil Nwanga, the lady who lost her husband two years after their marriage, died after the electric shock as she went to fetch water with one of her kids.
   ''Death! Death!! Death!!!. In Ebonyi state yesterday around 8:35pm, this whom was electrocuted by electric wire careless left naked by those maintaining Street light along udoka hall Cas campus on a path leading to her house. The whom went to fetch water with her little kid wen she mate her death. The most painful aspect of it that her husband died a 2yrs after their marriage leaving her With 3 kids. The eldest among them is 8yrs. Pls I appeal to government of Ebonyi state to run into aid of these children and recuse them from perpetual suffering. Pls. From Basil, an eye witness.'' He wrote.

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