Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Exclusive: 17-Year-Old Lagos Girl, Hannah Osazuwa, Stabs 19Years Old Boyfriend, Tomide Akintoye, To Death (Details)

A 17-year-old girl, Hannah Osazuwa, has allegedly stabbed her lover, Tomide Akintoye, 19years old, to death!!

TariTaribo'sBlog learnt that the incident happened on Gowon Estate, Lagos State, on Monday.

From what TariTaribo'sBlog could gather, they had a misunderstanding on Sunday, over 'cheating' allegations, which led to a serious fight, in which Osazuwa was said to have stabbed Tomide Akintoye in the leg, before yesterday's stabbing close to his breast, while he was asleep, after reading a chat he had with another lady on whatsapp. She was said to have stabbed him with scissors.
He was rushed to the popular Gowon Estate clinic, which rejected him, because, he was brought him almost dead.. SADLY, he died on the way to the Ikeja General  Hospital.

From what TariTaribo'sBlog gathered, they had a history of violence in their relationship.

The tragic death came three days after Akintoye posted a status update on his Facebook page, Lifeoftomson Seun, wishing Osazuwa a happy birthday.

The post was accompanied by a selfie of the duo cuddling in the doorway, with an inscription, ‘she remains my queen.’
“Baby, on your birthday, I pray that you get whatever your heart desires. May this special day of yours bring with it God’s blessings and love into your life…. I love you,” he wrote on the Facebook page.
On Saturday, a day after the post, Akintoye took to his timeline again and wrote, “Sometimes, a man needs to die to leave (sic) again.”
A friend of Akintoye, Onyenma Chibundu, stated that he had been warned several times to stay away from Osazuwa to no avail.

“Young Tommy, you were told several times to leave this b***h you took as your GF (girlfriend), you disagreed. Now she has taken your life  with her own hands. RIP bro; (I) will forever miss you,” Chibundu wrote on Facebook.

Another friend of the deceased, identified simply as Jnr Slimzy, also corroborated Chibundu’s post, saying he had tried in vain to separate the lovers.

“I also warned him. Why as I travel this thing con happen? God knows best brother,” he stated.

In another post, Jnr Slimzy wrote, “Rest in perfect peace Lifeoftomson Seun. Never thought it could be you. I never wanted to hear this kind of news. Why would you leave me like this? It hurts so much. After we planned our future together, how could you just leave me like this? Do you know how much it hurts? Your memories can never be erased. My other half just disappeared…. RIP brother, blood, best friend, till we meet again.”

In his post, another friend, Jeda Harry, said the death was avoidable if Akintoye had yielded to his warning to quit the relationship with Osazuwa.

Grieved Sofia Blessing  said it was unfortunate that such fate befell Akintoye “after you told her you loved her on her BD (birthday), she stabbed you. Such wickedness!”

Meanwhile, a police source said there was a disagreement between them around 8am and Akintoye assaulted the suspect.

“The suspect retaliated and stabbed him with a pair of scissors in the chest. He was rushed to a hospital, but he bled to death,” the source added.

One Yinka Julius added, “Face of a murderer. Who will know this girl is capable of killing somebody… I think this generation is cursed. Na so one go drink sniper two days ago; another one killed her baby daddy in Gbagada just two weeks ago. Maybe God should just wipe this generation out.”

The Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, ASP Olarinde Famous-Cole, who confirmed the incident, said the suspect had been arrested.

He, however, did not give further details.

He said, “Suspect arrested, while the case will be transferred to the homicide section of the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department, Yaba.”

About the deceased, Tomide Akintoye, finished from Dee Jewels bSecondary School, in Gowon Estate and was preparing to join his dad, who lives in  the U.S.

From what TariTaribo'sBlog gathered, Tomide Akintoye, before his death, lived in the flat bought by his late step-mum, a Police Inspector, who died about three years ago while pregnant, leaving him and his sister.

As for his girlfriend, Hannah Osazuwa, she's also done with Secondary School. Those in the know claim that, she's been ALLEGEDLY involved in something of this nature before, which led to the dismissal of her father from the Police Force. TariTaribo'sBlog is not so sure about this though, but will give update as the case progresses. Rest on in perfect peace Tomide.


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