Monday, October 16, 2017

Apostle Suleman Raises Dead Child Back To Life (Pics)

So, yesterday, while I was watching the live broadcast of Omega Fire Ministries, their very outspoken general overseer, Apostle Johnson Suleman, performed a MIRACLE, during the church service, he raised a dead child back to life!!
It was time for prophecy and while he was giving a very hilarious prophecy to a guy and his girlfriend or wife (I'm not so sure if they are married or about to), suddenly, a woman cried out - (You know, the cry of a desperate, helpless mother, whose child is dead, but still wouldn't want to give up or believe her baby is gone), her shout for help got everyone's attention and the church got a bit disorganized at that point, and ofcourse, they all got distracted, including Apostle Suleman.
And so, he shouted 'bring him', while also walking towards the woman and her dead baby, he took the baby from her, hug the baby so tight and shouted 'baby, come back to life', and breathed on the baby and that was it, he came back to life!! What a God!!!
For those who are doubting this, I just gave you an eyewitness account of what happened, I watched it on TV on live broadcast, so, it's not like someone told me and just so you know, I'm not a member of Omega Fire Ministries, I was just bored and looking for what to watch, a live Church service and I stumbled on it.
May God be praised.

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