Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Popular Dancer, IjoKris, Killed By The Nigerian Government Due To Lack Of Oxygen After 5 Government Hospitals Didn't Have

I know that I have been mute, I'm sorry... But you see, I'm SAD, VERY SAD! EXTREMELY SAD!! I'm mourning, my SWEET, LOVELY cousin is gone, gone to meet with his creator, after he was let down by 5 (FIVE) hospitals in Lagos-Nigeria, due to oxygen!! I'm just too weak to write about it.
Indeed, as a blogger, one can't write about one's family, especially when it is this HEARTBREAKING!! I'm in tears, I still do not have the strength to write about his death, when I can, I will write and give the names of the USELESS hospitals, government hospitals who didn't have oxygen, that led to my favorite cousin's death. I will give details of how my ever vibrate cousin was let down by the Nigerian government.. Now, tell me, why should I still love Nigeria after this??

Hmmmmm... Rest on sweets, rest on my darling, rest on Ijo Kris Aisinamen, you are MISSED.. Nigerian dancers are missing you already.

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