Thursday, August 24, 2017

This 33Years Old Woman Spent Over $60,000 On Surgery To Look Like Ivanka Trump (Pics)

Ivanka Trump has been a household name for a while, but now that level of fame has skyrocketed due to her close ties with the Trump White House. This level of stardom has reached such heights that women around the country are going under the knife for a chance to look just like her. Yes, you heard that right. Plastic surgeons have noticed a sharp increase in patients asking for an "Ivanka nose" or to have their face made over completely to look like her.
Two women in particular have gotten some attention online after letting ABC's Nightline track their plastic surgery journeys.

Let's face it: Ivanka Trump is probably the most famous Trump at the moment other than her dear father Donald.
Since her early teens, Ivanka has modeled and has established several highly successful businesses on her own.

Not only has she made a name for herself in the fashion world, she is also an aide to her father, President Donald Trump.
One woman who is motivated to look just like the famous Trump is 33-year-old country girl Tiffany Taylor.

Over the past year, Tiffany has undergone several procedures to get started on her Ivanka journey.
“I had my breasts done and I got a ‘C,’ so I had them done a second time and got a ‘D;’ I also had my nose done they just took out some of the bulk out of the tip and kind of defined it a little bit right here,” she told ABC. This isn't the only thing she has had done.

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