Friday, August 18, 2017

Hiya TTB Sweethearts, I'm So SORRY I Have Been Away... Here's Why (Pics)

Whewww.. Where do I start from? Lol.. I'm indeed VERY sorry for going offline without telling y'all first, I was just way too tired, I needed a break, as the workload was way too much and I was breaking down.. But, I should have spoken out, my bad and I'm sorry about it.
For the very first time, I'm gonna be sharing my personal life with y'all, *covers face*, I like my privacy more than anything else in the world, lol, so, over the years, I have always kept things about me PRIVATE, away from TariTaribo'sBlog.
...But, after all the mails I received, the twitter messages, messages from TTB's Facebook page and even from my inactive Instagram account, I was in shock.. Shock, because, I NEVER expected so much love from y'all, I NEVER expected y'all to notice my 'silence' on TariTaribo'sBlog and all TTB's social media accounts, (I'm actually teary as I type).. With the numerous blogs out there, y'all still noticed my 'silence', I still can't believe this!! 
I'm so SORRY my sweethearts and I'm grateful to y'all for reaching out to moi, making sure I'm well, thank you, thank you, thank you.. I'm overly GRATEFUL..
I went on vacation to my favorite place in the world, Dubai, met with my lovely Cameroonian friends, I had not seen for 3-4years (the last time I visited the city), or thereabouts.
I was lodged in Grand Excelsior Hotel Deira (former Sheraton Hotel), the staff are so LOVELY, VERY friendly, they are the BEST set of staff I have ever seen, their hospitality is second to none.. If you're in town and looking for where to lodge, Grand Excelsior Hotel is the place, a home, away from home, *winks*.
I stayed indoor for most of my vac, because, I needed it, all I wanted, was to REST.. I finally stepped out at some points.. And here are some pics from my short vacation.
Once more, thank you for your love and care, thank you for making me blog even when I feel like giving up, thank you for being my strength, I'm grateful, God bless y'all.. Xxxxx..
P.S: Who wants to go on another vac with me? Get ready to foot the bill o, lol.. Meanwhile, Ibiza, on my mind, hehehe..

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  1. Hello beautiful, you are definitely the most beautiful African blogger ever oh my goodness!! I missed your blog posts and kept coming to check, thank God you are ok. I guess you are well rested now, welcome back.


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