Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Watch The Heart-Stopping Moment Toddler Dangling From A Window Grille Struggles In The Air (Pics + Video)

Video footage has caught the moment a child was found dangling by the beck from a window grille in China.

In the video posted online today, locals can be heard screaming and shouting as they try to figure out the best way to rescue the young toddler.

The news report confirmed that the child was eventually rescued by onlookers.

Heart-stopping moment toddler dangles by its neck from window..

In the footage an onlooker can be seen standing underneath the grille with their arms out ready to catch the child.

The toddler can be seen dangling from its neck and swinging as if trying to grab hold of the bars with its feet.

Cars can be seen driving past the building at speed.

The child could be seen swinging as if trying to grab its legs onto the bars

A woman can be heard in the background shouting at the child saying: 'Young child! Do not move!' repeatedly.

While another man can be heard saying that he is going to try and get to the child.

According to the news report, the child was eventually rescued by onlookers. Watch the video below..

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