Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Soldiers In Maiduguri Allegedly Shot A Tricycle Driver Dead For Speaking Rudely To Them (Graphic Pics)

According to a report by Rariya, a Hausa platform, some Soldiers boarded the Tricycle (Keke Napep) of the deceased in Maiduguri, Borno state yesterday July 25th and on their way, they noticed he was driving rough, so they cautioned him.

He reportedly answered rudely and out of anger, one of the Soldiers shot at him, killing him instantly!! They wrote:
   "Sojoji Sun Bindige Dan A Daidaita Sahu Saboda Zarginsa Da Yin Tukin Ganganci A Yayin Da Ya Debe Su. Wasu Sojoji sun bindige wani Matashi dan a daidaita har lahira a Maiduguri saboda zargin da suke yi masa na tukin ganganci a yayin da ya debe su a cikin Keke Napep dinsa. Lamarin ya faru a yankin Muna, shahararren wurin nan da ya yi kaurin suna da tashin bama-bamai. Daga Comr Mohammed Pulka"
Google Translation below:
   "Soldiers shot Dan Balancing Sahu for allegedly driving accident during the deportation. Some soldiers shot dead a young son in equal dead in Maiduguri because the charges against him of driving accident during his deportation bicycle Napep to stay. the incident occurred in the area We, the famous and notorious in the bombing. From Comr Mohammed Pulka "

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