Monday, July 24, 2017

Pics: Robbery Suspect Reveals How He Sneaked Out Of Kaduna Prison

A robbery suspect, Bashir Ali, who is currently serving a jail term in Kaduna prison, has revealed how he was allowed to sneak out of his cell by prison officials.

Ali was caught when he left the prison to collect his share of a new robbery loot from some of his gang members.

Ali whose mother is from Tokyo, Japan, was arrested alongside some of his gang members identified as Umaru Inusa, Ahmed Kamalu, Adamu Danjuma and Barfa Ahmad by detectives attached to the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Special Tactical Squad (STS).

At the police station, while confessing to the crime, Ali said: “I am an indigene of Kano State and my mother is from Tokyo. She came to Kano with her parents who were traders. In the process, she (Ali’s mother) fell in love with my father and I am a proud product of that love.

"I am married and I have three kids. I have no reason to commit crime because I also have an option of travelling to Tokyo if I was not satisfied with my financial status in Nigeria.”

On his journey to Kano Central prison, Karaumawa, Ali recalled that sometime in 2010, he got involved in a shady business, which led to the sale of a property in Kano that belongs to one of his friends.
He said: “Boys were broke so we were looking for every possible means to make money. So my friend Ahmed who just lost his father then told me that he wanted to sell one of his father’s houses without the consent of the family. He said that since he was also part of the family that no one will question his decision. We got several estate agents involved and finally sold it for N8million.

“Unfortunately, when the buyer wanted to take possession of the property, the family members refused insisting that they never consented to it and that the documents presented were stolen.

"We were arrested same year and charged to court. I was sentenced to seven years jail in 2015 after awaiting trial for two years.”

On how he sneaked out of the prison, Ali said it was a usual practice of the prisoners at the Kaduna prison to go out of the jail and return before the routine head count.

Ali said the wardens at the prison are aware of the prisoners sneaking in and out of prison all the time and no eyebrow would be raised as long as the prisoners returns before the headcount.

He said: "In that prison you are free to roam around and sneak in and out of the yard unnoticed. The rule was that you must come for head count every 10am, 12pm, 2am and 6pm. So if you don’t want to get into trouble, wherever you go, you must return for head count.

“It is a game of trust. The warder must approve of your movement so that if you mistakenly fail to return on time, he will give you a number in absence. We all have phones and whenever you cannot make it back on time, you will call the warder and tell him. It is also your responsibility to ensure that the warder is well taken care of financially so that he can cover for you in case you want to travel and spend some days outside.”

On his arrest, Ali lamented that while in Kano prison, he made a lot friends who have served out their jail terms. He collected most of their numbers and agreed to exchange ideas.

“It is good to make friends so that when they leave, they will help with money. Most of them who left went back to crime and normally send money to us.

“So while in Kaduna prison, one of them contacted me that they were broke and needed any means of making quick money. It was during the Ramadan fast and everyone needed money to celebrate after the fasting. I gave them some ideas and people to meet. At the end of the robbery operation, they cheated me and hid the physical cash that they got. Luckily, Bawa kept one of the cars for me. I then referred them to an ex-convict who is into buying stolen cars.

"They were on their way to deliver the car and money when police caught them. They were so wicked that they did not alert me that they had been caught. Rather, they called to tell me that the car had been sold that I should come to Zaria and collect my share."

“Few days to Sallah, I told the yard master popularly known as Baba Kubo and he granted me some days to travel. He knows that I will always come back, that was why he agreed. So around 12pm that day I left for Kano where they were supposed to wait for me. Because I did not have much money, I visited some of my friends in town and got some money before I proceeded to the agreed location. It was there that police arrested me."

The Kaduna prison has since denied that any warden is allowed to give prisoners a permit to travel. They claimed the open prison often allowed some of the prisoners, especially farmers to go to their farms and return before headcount. But no prisoner is allowed to go leave town.


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