Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Nigerian Pastor, David Steven, In Netherland Allegedly Pushed His Wife Down From Upstairs (Graphic Pics)

David Steven, an Edo State born Nigerian pastor, residing in the Netherlands nearly killed his wife, by pushing her down from upstairs. The wife sustained injuries and is said to be battling for her life in an undisclosed hospital.

Pastor David in trying to dispute the rumour said that he did not beat his wife..
According to the alleged wife beater, he had a misunderstanding with his wife and when she came back, he tried to say some 'romantic' words to her before opening the door for her, but 'shockingly', he saw his wife in a 'weird' manner and it was during the process that his wife mistakenly slipped off and hit her head on the floor! INDEED!!
He, however, urged wives not to lay their hands first on their husbands no matter what the situation is.
Ofcourse, many social media users disputed his claims.. Many of them were of the opinion that he was trying to cover up. They argued that a real man of God won't come online to defend himself after mercilessly beating his wife.
Obviously, this isn't his first attempt at beating his wife, he isn't even remorseful, imagine him having the time to come online to paint his wife 'black', while she's battling for her life! My goodness!! Thank God they are in a country where the law works.. #SayNoToDomesticViolence!! Do NOT stay with a violent spouse, love yourself and take a walk, before he/she kills you!!!

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