Monday, July 10, 2017

Ghenghen!! NDDC Top Management Accused Of N14 Billion Money Laundering (See Documents)

A report has indicted three top management members of the NDDC, for allegedly getting involved in a contract racketeering said to be worth N14 billion naira in projects.

According to the report, the contracts are projects to be carried out by the NDDC in Ondo state.

The accusation is said to have been instigated by the oil producing areas in the state, under the aegis of Oil Producing Communities of Ondo state (OPCOOS), Daily Post reports.

A document showing the discrepancies in the contracts awarded.
They accused the three top management staff of the commission of having already sold out the 47 projects to the detriment and interest of the oil producing areas and people of Ondo state.

They went further to write a petition to Acting President Yemi Osinbajo where they mentioned the trio of Mr Nsima Ekere, managing director; Mr Mene Derek, executive director finance /administration and Mr Adjogbe Samuel, executive director project.

The trio were accused of intentionally marginalizing Ondo state and nepotistic in their management of affairs of NDDC as it relates to Ondo state.

The petition was signed by the chairman of OPCOOS, Chief Eniyansoro Obazuaye; secretary, Comrade Babatunde Wisdom Omojubi; public relations officer, Adesoji Aladetan; and organising secretary, Comrade Adekunle Orisamuluwa.

The petition reads: “The three top management members of the NDDC, namely, the managing director, executive director (finance and administration) and the executive director (projects) have shown by their conducts and official behaviors that they are not fair minded political office holders

“The NDDC did two publications in April and May 2017 respectively, inviting the public to tender for projects. Ondo state has a total of 47 projects that were advertised.

“We report with sadness that these officers refused to give tender bids to people from the Ilaje oil producing areas as well as indegenes of Ondo state who sought to tender for the project. We say very emphatically that these projects were hidden away from the public.

“They were kept with the procurement officers of the NDDC, who on the instruction of the Managing director, gave them out to their cronies and allies or they were manipulated by the office of the Executive Director, projects to the interest of his clan’s men from Urhobo and Itsoko in Delta state.

“All our people (From Ondo state) who paid N50, 000.00 tender fee in favor of the NDDC were turned back from Port-harcourt because the tenders are either locked up in the office of the MD or the EDP. No one has access to them.”
A document showing the discrepancies in the contracts awarded.

The NDDC officials were accused of running foul of the present administration's stance on corruption by the OPCOOS officials.

OPCOOS is also alleging that security agencies have been bribed with some of the projects belonging to Ondo state so as not to investigate the NDDC three officials.

“We know as a fact, that these security agencies are being placated with Ondo state projects so as not to investigate the dastardly act of these men,” the petition reads in part.

They called on the acting president to as a matter of urgency, set machinery in motion to investigate the allegations they have raised against the three NDDC officials.

List of those of signed the letter and those it was addressed to

The Senate president, Speaker House of Representatives, Ondo state governor and the Department of State Services, among others were copied in the petition.

Meanwhile, a statement by a group called Concerned Niger Deltans, have said recent accusations against Ekere were totally false.

“We have worked closely with Nsima for few years now and we can say he is a good person, determined, focused and success oriented. We don’t know why they wrote what they wrote but we can beat our chest to say that Nsima is not a corrupt person.

“Needless to say he must have effected a new principle that is fighting corruption in the organization hence they want him removed whereas Nsima is the change NDDC requires at the moment,” the statement said.

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