Sunday, July 9, 2017

32Years Old Cultist Drowns Rival Who Killed His 2-Month-Old Baby In Lagos Lagoon (Pic)

32-year-old Sulaimon Babatunde, watched last year as a rival cult allegedly led by one Ahmed, killed his two-month old child and beat his wife. Since then, the pain and horror of that day has not left the Kwara State indigene.

According to a report by The Sun, anytime Babatunde remembers the traumatic experience of that fateful day at his No 135 Isale Gambari home in Ilorin, he always wept and got moody. There is no doubt that the fight for supremacy between the two rival cults seared an everlasting wound in Suleiman’s heart.

But, the death of the baby was not the only thing that agonizes Suleiman. He also lost his wife, who packed out of the matrimonial home for fear of safety due to the incident.

“The fight started between my group and that of Ahmed’s long time ago. However, the other group invaded my house, beat my wife and killed my two -month old baby with her, and after that, they all fled to different parts of the country. Then in January this year I came to Lagos,” said Suleiman.

He came to Lagos to have a new beginning and possibly take another wife and start a new family but that was not to be, as the shadows of the past again crossed his path, disrupting his good plans.

Suleiman, who lives at Oke Arin area of Lagos Island, was passing along Carter bridge at about 10:00am on June 5, this year, when he came across Ahmed. The ember of the age long feud kindled into a fire, and all he could think of was vengeance, but, he realized that he could not confront his old foe alone.

To carry out the revenge, he enlisted the help of two of his friends, one Kazeem and Sodiq, who joined him on Carter bridge after he called them on phone. They allegedly caught Ahmed and pushed him into the lagoon.

It took the effort of sympathizers and passersby for the suspect to be arrested, while his accomplices escaped.

But, Suleiman pleaded: “It was not my intention to kill him, I just wanted to hold him responsible for the death of my baby. If I wanted to kill him I would not attack him in a public place. It was for the sake of justice that I called my friends to help me take him to the nearest police station.”

The clash between Ahmed’s and Suleiman’s gang is just one of the rife bloody cult conflicts recoreded in Kwara state. Just recently about seven persons reportedly died between Friday and Sunday in Ilorin following renewed cult clashes between feuding members of the Aiye and Eiye confraternities.

The clashes occurred in Ikororo, Baboko, Osere, Olunlande, Egbejila and Coca-Cola areas of the metropolis, according to eye witnesses. It was learnt that the killings were also revenge of the gruesome murder of a suspected cultist identified as Tobi at Coca-Cola area of the metropolis.

Some suspected cult members had launched an attack on Friday at Olunlade area of Ilorin where an unidentified man was killed, causing panic in the area. A similar incident also occurred at Olufadi area of the metropolis close to the popular Edun street where one Ayo Shuaib was killed.

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