Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Suspected Badoo Member Killed In Ikorodu-Lagos By Angry Mob (Graphic Pics)

According to reports, a suspected Badoo group member operating in Ikorodu-Lagos, was burnt to death by angry mob..
The group members are known for killing their victims, mostly family of three, upwards, including pregnant women!! Read what Rainbownetmagazine shared on the screenshot below..
   ''This occured in my area. From what happened, he was caught at about 2:00am on Sunday night trying to break into a flat with oil all over his body which is the way the so called "badoo" group operates. He was been beaten until the police came to pick him. On sighting the police, he became more confident and started laughing at his tormentors. This infuriated the mob and they stopped the police from taking him away. The police started shooting both in the air and on the ground whereby 3 people were hit by bullets and news going around is they died. Before the police went for reinforcement, the mob had already started burnfires at entrances leading into the street where the criminal was been held. Then the criminal was set ablaze. While crowd trooped to the scene to have a look and take pictures.'' According to another eyewitness.

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