Monday, June 19, 2017

Removal Of CRK From Curriculum, A Plan From Hell To Islamise Nigeria, Which Shall Not Stand- Apostle Suleman

Apostle Johnson Suleman, president of Omega Fire Ministries, says the removal of Christian Religious Knowledge (CRK) from secondary schools’ curriculum shall not be condoned.

He said anyone who implements the curriculum should prepare for the “mother of all battles”.

Phrank Shaibu, spokesman of the church, in a statement on Sunday, quoted the pastor as saying that the development is an attempt to Islamise Nigeria, The Cable reports.

“The new curriculum which is the brain-child of the Nigerian Educational Research Council and which is mischievously crafted to force Islamic studies down the throat of non adherents is unjust, discriminatory, a subtle attempt at islamisation, and therefore unacceptable.'' The statement read.

“This is a well orchestrated and articulated plot. Let nobody try to fool Nigerians that it was a mistake or a coincidence.

“Why is it that CRK would be removed as a subject to be studied from the secondary school curriculum while Islamic/Arabic studies is retained? This is a plan from hell and it shall not stand.''

*But why remove CRK though? Why create unnecessary tension between both religion?? I just 'tire for Nigeria', whewww.. The reasoning of those in authority can be so annoying ehen. The other time, it was History they removed!! I really think before anyone is appointed a position in this country (Nigeria), they should be taken to a psychiatric hospital, so as to check their brains, because their decisions most times, makes no sense.*

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