Thursday, June 29, 2017

OMG! 8Months Old Pregnant Woman Drugged, Hanged & Stabbed To Death Before Unborn Baby Is Cut From Her Womb In Horror Attack (Pics)

A pregnant woman had her baby cut from her womb after she was hanged and knifed in a horrific killing, say police.

Mum-to-be, Naiara Silva Costa, thought she would be collecting bags of donated clothes and accessories for her baby when she went to the home where she was murdered.
However, the 22-year-old, who was eight months pregnant, was lured to her death by a woman who wanted the baby child for her own, authorities claim.

In a shocking act of barbarity, Mrs Costa was drugged, hanged and then stabbed before the baby was cut from her womb.
Suelen Coimbra do Carmo, 27, has been arrested and charged by police in Goiania, Brazil, south-west of the capital Brasilia.

Police spokeswoman, Azuen Magda Albarello, said Carmo confessed to the crime and told investigators she planned to keep the baby.
She added: "The Civil Police believe that she really wanted a child."

Carmo told police that she had an abortion two months ago and met Mrs Costa through social media, O Globo reported.

Carmo allegedly buried Mrs Costa’s body in a shallow grave in the back garden of her home after the pregnant woman was killed on Tuesday.

Ms Albarello said Mrs Costa was made to "suffer" as she was brutally killed.

The baby was found wrapped in some clothes, dumped in a wash basin inside the suspect's bedroom, said police.

Neighbour Marcos Pereira raised the alarm after Carmo paid him to dig a hole in her garden, claiming she intended to plant vegetables.

The neighbour became suspicious and called police because the hole was two metres long and one metre deep, O Globo reported.

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