Friday, June 23, 2017

Lagos Property Agent Rents One Room Apartment To Over 22 People (Pics)

A Nairalander who recently fell victim to one of those scammers who pose as agents, bitterly recounted how he found out that the same room he paid for was also paid for by over 22 other people and the agent absconded with their money.

Narrating his story, he wrote:

   "Due to traffic and distance to my office, I decided to move from my previous location at Ikorodu to Orile Iganmu so that I will be closer to my office which is located around Costain. While searching I saw an agent number and decide to call (09097079102). What really attracted me since I was kind of desperate was the note I saw which was ‘pay and pack in.'

   ''I was taken to the house which I found okay for my standard, little building renovation is needed (fixing the door mainly) it’s a semi new house. I spoke to the supposed developer or caretaker of the house named Akinola, he explained how the house was given to him to manage, I was curious (I had some doubts in me though). The next day, I went to the street nearby to ask from shop owners around the house to make inquiries about the house, they gave me a go ahead that the owner is genuine; all this was on the 11th of June.
                                   The receipts issued to over 22 potential tenants..

   ''On the 13th of June I went to the house and still saw the same people with all of this I was rest assured that I'm paying the right people, I made a transfer of 180,000.00 to Diamond bank account number 0054904265 ATANDA TAJUDIN YUSUF and I was given a receipt and agreement. (I was again assured because the guy is a Muslim and claimed to be fasting, which gave me assurance that it was genuine). I was told to come and collect the key by 25th of June as the room would have been fully renovated. I decided to check on the place to see how the work is going on Tuesday 20th of June, I met people inside the house fighting and smoking igbo, they said the room belongs to them with the same receipt I have with me.
Some of the people scammed by the agent gathered outside the property..

   ''I later got to know that the man, Mr Atanda, collected close to 9 million from other people for same room, (there was like 6 rooms in the upper apartment), I was stunned to say the least, we were up to 22 with same receipt, we concluded to report the matter to Police Station but some of us disagree that we should called the Ijo people (Landlord Association). We called them and they brought some Policemen who later sent everybody out of the house and locked the whole house including the church that was downstairs, after that we were told to go the Police Station to make statements, when we got to the station (Orile Iganmu or so), the police started their usual rhetoric. They said they cannot arrest him. I just left the police station with anger and disappointment.
                                          The entrance to the house in question..

   ''Another thing that baffled was that a church was below the apartment. I wonder whether a church who claimed to be serving God doesn’t know about the fraud on this apartment. They acted dumb all through. I know the building would be opened very soon. I know the police have been bribed by their actions and activities. I saw pregnant women and families that were already prepared to move but were defrauded of their money.

   ''I am sad and depressed to say the least, I used my last card to get this apartment, now am stuck. We were up to 30 people that were defrauded. Many families were defrauded. Some paid time 4 of what I paid. I don’t have faith in Nigerian police.

   ''People should also learn from this when looking for apartment in Lagos. There are fraudsters all over using name of religion and ethnicity. Please if anyone knows how I can reclaim my money. I will so much appreciate it. Thank you."

The people who were scammed wrote down how much was collected from them
From the book, about 26 people lost their money to the scammer..

The scammed gathered wearing long faces
The agent was said to have gotten over N9 million from the unsuspecting victims..
The house was placed under lock and key to keep the angry victims out.

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