Friday, June 30, 2017

Haba!! Fulani Herdsmen Strike Again, Gruesomely Murder 64-Year-Old Father Of 7 Beside Falae's Farm

Linus Ogbeh, a 64-four-year old father of seven and a farmer whose farm is located next to that of Olu Falae, the former secretary to the government of the federation in Ileyo community in lgbatoro area of Akure, Ondo state, was murdered by suspected Fulani herdsmen.

The farmer was found with his chest riddled with bullets after leaving home at 6am on Sunday, June 25, to go fetch cocoyam for his family.

Ogbeh never returned home.

His body was eventually discovered by his wife, Roseline and two of the couple’s children in the farmland with cocoyam tubers beside him, after they had waited till 10am for him to return.

His murder led to protests by his kinsmen who are also farmers in the community. Even primary school students and the old alike joined in the protest.

The protesters held placards in lamentations against the rampaging herdsmen who said that Ogbeh, an Ebonyi state native, was killed during a gun battle between the herdsmen and policemen attached to the farm of Chief Falae.

The herdsmen had reportedly gone on the lookout for their straying cows in Chief Falae’s farm when the gun battle erupted, Vanguard reports.

Roseline, the 54-year-old widow of the deceased gave an account of how her husband had gone to fetch cocoyam before heading to Sunday service with his family but never returned alive.

According to Roseline, Linus had rushed out to the farm that early morning because he did not want his family to head to church with empty stomachs.

She said he wouldn’t have ventured to the farm that fateful day if he hadn’t been informed that the cocoyam he brought home previously had been completely consumed.

She stated: “After we waited and did not see him, l asked two of my children to accompany me to the farm and when we got there one of them saw his father’s lifeless body on the ground and screamed.

“We ran to where he was and discovered that he was dead and very stiff.

“We saw some gun shot wounds all over his chest and we ran back to the village to inform the elders who asked other farmers to go and fetch him.

“Because it was late they asked the farmers to stay with his corpse overnight and bring him back to the village the following morning.”

Roseline, now a widow due to the untimely death of her husband, appealed to the government to help her fund the education of the children as only two of the seven children have finished secondary school.

The Baale of the community Chief Ogunleye Taiwo also spoke on the sad incident.

He said: “This man that was killed had been living here for over 30 years.

“Chief Falae’s farm is close to us here. Our people cannot go to farm again because of the fear that the herdsmen would attack them.

“This is the time we should be spraying our cocoa farm with chemicals, we cannot go to farm.

“This area is the food basket of Akure, the state capital but cattle enter our farms without restrain.

“We are tired of the menace of the herdsmen.

“The youths in the area had wanted to go and confront the herdsmen, we are the one that had been restraining them because we know what that can cause.”

The death of Linus Ogbeh was confirmed by Femi Joseph, the Ondo state police spokesman.

More policemen have also been deployed to the area by the state police commissioner Hilda Harrison.

The deceased’s junior brother Nicodemus said the late farmer’s corpse would be taken back to Ebonyi state for burial.

He also noted that it would be very difficult delivering the news to their 100-year-old father.

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