Thursday, June 1, 2017

Drama As Nigerian Lady Got Kicked Out Of Turkish Flight For Assaulting Air Hostess (Pics + Video)

According to Anastasya Vorobyova, who shared the story on Facebook, a Nigerian lady got booted out of a Turkish Airlines flight from Istanbul to Abuja, for allegedly attacking a female air hostess on Tuesday.

Trouble started after the Nigerian woman asked the White hostess to give her water, but the hostess refused because the flight had not taken off.
After a while, the Nigerian lady confronted the hostess and asked her for water again to which she obliged saying: "It's not time to give out water, we give out water after the flight takes off not before take off".

The lady was said to have smashed the cup out of the hostess' hand and spilled water on her body!!
The hostess got angry and reported to the head pilot who immediately contacted the police to remove the lady from the plane.. And then, other Nigerians stood up for her, to stop the police.. Watch the video below..
The full story below.. 

   ''It's so easy to put ppl in a war in a blink of an eye...Our flight from Istanbul to Abuja, Nigeria. Turkish airlines.
   ''From the first step in airplane the energy was so sick. People stood in a line forever trying to find a right place for the bags. Stuarts running back and forth with anxiety.
   ''Time to take off...but we are still waiting. Some loud sounds and talks appearing at the end of the aircraft. Young lady asking for forgiveness and begging to let her stay in airplane. Officer trying to say she should leave the aircraft now, otherwise we will not take off.
   ''Finally by asking what's going on, we got an information - she assaulted slightly the Stuart... drop some water on her.
   ''It's like a snow ball rolling down a hill, from debates and discussions in between ppl in aircraft about the situation to the being extremely emotional, angry, aggressive to each other. Passengers took a different sides of the conflict:
- If it's could happened with your wife will you keep calm as well?
- She shouldn't assault the Stuart.
- If it's could happened with your wife will you keep calm as well?
- She shouldn't assault the Stuart.
- Shut up, if you never did a mistake in your life? She is begging forgiveness.
   ''First of all at the beginning I got emotional and stopped officer by asking my question: if its could be the same flight to London, will it be the same behavior and emotional condition of stuff at this airplane?! If instead of black woman it would be the white one, will you do the same?
   ''But to say honestly another side of this conflict...of course me like many others didn't seen the situation what's really happened. So we can operate only by what we think is right by modeling the situation in our imagination, by what we want to stand for now. And I think I experienced it by myself fully.
   ''As from another side no one allowed to assault another person, it's not normal.
But the point is how such a small incident can bring other hundred people into fighting with each other so quickly. And this situation for me have so many different levels...cultural, social, question of the racism or not at all, morality, violence, stereotypes, human vulnerability, community or crowd instincts like an animals.

   ''If personal covered racism views prevent Stuarts and stuff of this flight to be less chaotic and being more calm from the beginning?
If this chaos was the reason of provoking such a situation?
If this lady could be dangerous for others with her behavior?
Was it the right decision?
Was it reaction of the community or crowd instincts for fight?

   ''But the thing is, before jumping into dark pound take a look on the whole landscape.'' She concluded.

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