Monday, May 29, 2017

Young Nigerian Man Who Almost Died Of Drug Overdose Shares His Story #SayNoToDrugs

A young Nigerian Twitter user who almost died after drug overdose, has shared a moving story of how he got addicted to Tramadol & Refnol which he was introduced to during his NYSC 3 weeks orientation camp days and almost died of it!!

According to Olu, the incident happened February, 2016. He had visited one of his junkie friends so they can get high on Tramadol, Refnol, Codeine, Dry gin together. After everybody got high with loud music blasting as they had fun or so he thought, the unthinkable happened!! Read his story below:
   ''I’d really love to share a thread about how i almost died of drug overdose.. But

Shii where do i start from? This might save someone’s life

   ''This thread is for pple addicted to tramadol, refnol , codeine… These drugs kill.. A lot. Got introduced to trams and ref during my nysc 3 weeks orientation camp days .. I mean the high was good..

   ''Plus it gave me enough energy to deal with camp stress and all.. Trams with black bullet was fire back then.. Throughout my service i was always high.. Had packs of drugs stashed in my room.. I literally couldn’t do anything without popping pills.

   ''Let’s fast forward, back from service.. Job hunt .. I needed something to relax once in a while… Meanwhile my daily dosage had increased.

   ''I’m talking bout 1000mg of tramadol per day with codeine.. At least 4 times in a week.. I didn’t realise i was killing myself small small

   ''Feb last year, I went to my nigga’s place.. One of those friends that is always ur go to guy for highness.. Got there, full house

   ''Sk, codeine, trams, dry gin, refnol.. Name it.. I was already on like 500mg of trams myself before i got there ..

   ''Started with codeine, popped some extra pills of trams.. Errbody was high , music was blasting.. I thought i was having the time of my life.

   ''We all moved to the sitting room, I dozed off .. Woke up like 10 mins later.. Or so i thought.. Woke up with bruises on my lips, swollen gum.

   ''I was shocked .. The number of guys in the room had reduced.. And they were all looking at me like a miracle just happened.. U can’t imagine.

   ''One of my niggas came up to me .. He was like “are u okay? Yh .. Wetin happen Nigga, u almost died.. U cant imagine the look on my face

   ''He explained it to me like this..

   ''We were all in the sitting room, then i slept off (the last thing i remembered).. Then suddenly, i sat up.

   ''And started talking.. Mostly gibberish.. Then i started stuttering.. A lot.. They initially thought i was high and they started laughing ..

   ''The stuttering went on for like 3 mins until i could hardly talk anymore.. Like i was choking .. Twas then that they knew shit was about to get real.. I fell to the floor very hard .. Hitting my head on the floor and had a seizure immediately..

   ''Most of the niggas took off immediately.. Impending crime scene.. The rest had to stay cuz they were the owners of the house ..

   ''Twas until one of them shouted 'don’t let this nigga die' that they all sprang to action.. They started putting iron spoons in my mouth ..

   ''During the struggle, they almost destroyed my mouth .. Blood everywhere .. I gassed a lil then i slept again.. Only to wake up.. Clueless af..

   ''I couldn’t really talk for the next one hour… I almost died without even realising.. I just slept.. My whole life dawned on me.

   ''Niggas told me if i had died.. They would’ve chopped me to pieces.. And prolly throw me in the canal.. Totally understandable.
If not for God , I would be rotting in a canal now.. Leaving my poor mother heart broken ..
Got home that night, lied to mum I fell from a bike
She bought it .
Until I had a convulsion that night .. And had to be rushed to the hospital.. Was bedridden for the next 3 days .. More than 1500mg of tramadol with lots of codeine..
I learnt the hard way.


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