Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Whewww.. Redeemers University Female Student Makes Suicidal Posts On Twitter (Pics)

Uju Nwokoye, a young Redeemers University female student, last night made some suicidal posts.
She said she is done and prays she doesn't wake up this morning and ofcourse, lots of people reached out to her after she made the post and thankfully, she is alive today... See her new tweets below....
No matter what you are going through, sweeties, SUICIDE IS NEVER THE OPTION!! There will be light at the end of the tunnel, so, DON'T give up!!! 

Meanwhile, if you know Uju personally, PLEASE reach out to her.. She said she's OK, but I don't think so, her Twitter avatar is 'dark/darkness' and that's how suicidal peeps feel, they feel all alone, left in the dark and empty.. So please, reach out to her, even if you don't know her personally, thank you.

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