Friday, May 5, 2017

Walk Away While You Can, There's No Shame In Being A Single Mom - Actress Georgina Onuoha Writes On Domestic Violence

The pretty divorced mother of two beautiful girls, took to her Instagram page to advice women to walk away from abusive marriages while they can, because there's no shame in being single mother, which is so true. She shared series of domestic violence pics and wrote;

   "Love does not hurt.. What you love, you protect.. The rate of domestic violence in Nigeria 🇳🇬 is alarming. Yet, our elected officials are mute about it. No Legislation put in place to protect against domestic violence and to punish its perpetrators. Why have we become immune to it? Domestic violence is no respectal of class, status, fame, religion or creed. No one is immune from it, man or woman?

   ''Why remain in an abusive relationship? To please society? To have the title of Mrs or Mr after your name? For fortune, fame or pleasure?

   ''It starts slowly and metamorphose into a beast you can't control. Why not leave to Live? So many have died and many more dying as I write this.

   ''You should love yourself enough not to let anyone scar you.Why do women protect their abusers?

   ''There is no shame in walking away. Do not conform to what society sets for you as standards of marriage or relationship. Every faith should condemn violence.

   ''To my brothers; Why hit the one you claim to love? What happened to walking away? What will you do if your mother, sister, daughter or aunt calls you or come home with a battered face? Will you defend them against their abusers or tell them 'such is life because you are guilty of same crime'? Would you protect them? If yes, why would you subject someone else's daughter to same faith of abuse?Only cowards hit women and people?

   ''Woman hear word!! Walk away, if you fall out of love with your loved one, please explain it to the people your decision will affect the most directly and walk away. It becomes a burden when you want to eat your cake and have it. Emotions and feelings are strong.. It's better to shed a few tears temporary than being scared for life or worst of all end 6 feet.

   ''Kids learn from where they live and grow.. Home is their first school, they exhibit what they see their parents do. Protect them so they don't grow up thinking it's normal to hit or abuse anyone.

   ''Please let's end this vicious cycle. My heart goes out to all going through this phase and any who has been through this phase. The scars might heal but the wounds lingers for ever.

   ''Walk away while you can. #No shame in being a single lady#No shame in being a single mom.''

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