Thursday, May 11, 2017

Pretty South African Lady, Karabo Mokoena, Batttered, Killed And Burnt By Her Boyfriend, Sandile (Pics)

Karabo Mokoena, a young pretty South African lady, who has been declared missing since 28th of April, whose ID and passport were later found in a dustbin in Sandton, has been found battered, killed and burnt beyond recognition, by her abusive ex-boyfriend, named, Sandile.
Her family and friends since she got missing have been putting up posts telling people she's missing, only for her to be found dead and burnt beyond recognition by her EVIL abusive boyfriend, Sandie!! . See her dad's Facebook post below..
According to those in the know, this evil piece of trash named Sandile, was seen popping bottles on the morning of the murder! How heartless!!
One of the assaults she faced in his hands..
Below is what her friend who posted the pic of the abusive boyfriend, wrote..
Ladies please be vigilant, RUN AWAY once you sense a bit of violence in him, because one day, he's gonna do more.. Do NOT listen to anyone telling you to stay, hell no! Do NOT listen, because, you won't be alive to tell the ending of your story - at the end!! RUN NOW, don't walk away, but RUN, RUN AWAY!!!
Rest in perfect peace Karabo.

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