Sunday, May 28, 2017

Oh Dear! A Traumatized Nigerian Doctor Shares His Shocking Experience With A Ghost!!

Read his shocking story below..

"I encountered the ghost of a dead woman yesterday night/early hours of this morning. Remembering it still sends chills across my body.

Personally, I don't believe in ghosts. I know that it is appointed unto men once to die, and after that, judgment follows. I said let me tell you, to hear your opinion. I don't know who else to confide in about this. I'm a doctor. I can't be telling stories about ghosts online. No one will believe it. I'll sound insane.

Yesterday night that brought in today, I took call for a colleague who was having menstrual pain. She begged me to do the call for her. Then, a woman was brought in with what I suspected to be post surgical sepsis. The op site was soaked with effluent from the wound. The surgery was done at State Specialist Hospital three days prior to presenting to us.

Her temperature read "Hi" on the thermometer, which means her body was so hot that the thermometer could not record it. I called my seniors who were in theatre then, told them what I have with me in the emergency, and I took instructions from them. I secured IV access. I gave 2g of IV cefriaxone (Rocephin brand) stat, and IV Flagyl 500mg stat. She was going. I called my seniors again and told them temperature is not coming down after one hour. I was told to give IV PCM 600mg stat. I then reopened the wound, washed with NS, and redressed with savlon and povidone iodine.

She was a Yoruba Christian. She was praying, holding my hands, saying that I should not let her die, that she still has little children at home. She then started behaving abnormally, talking irrationally and screaming, also convulsing intermittently. At this point, I called a senior who came in, assessed her and told me privately that she won't make it. He told me to continue masterly activity which I did.

She finally died after few hours she was brought in. I certified her dead in her file, disconnected all life support, and went to my house to sleep, around 3am when the call got less busy. I was weak and sad.
Did you know, this woman followed me home. I was shocked when I felt there was someone looking at me from my window. My body was shaking. I've never believed in ghosts, but she came to my window and stood there, with same clothes she was wearing when she was brought in.

She said why did I allow her to die. I was lost for words for a moment, thinking I was dreaming. But damn, it wasn't a dream. I just drank coke from the fridge few minutes ago. I rebuked her in Jesus' name, telling her I did my best. I told her to go back to where she came from.

She stood there for a while, looking at me, then turned and walked away. I heard her footsteps as she walked away. I didn't sleep again till morning. I opened the fridge and took out coke and drank, to be sure I was not dreaming, then started praying in tongues to control the fear in my heart."

What can be a reasonable explanation for this?''

*I'm speechless, dunno what to say.. But, do ghosts really exist? Have you seen one??*

Credit: Chukwudi Iwuchukwu.

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