Monday, May 1, 2017

Little Boy Survives Horrific Fire Accident After Neighbour Spilled Fuel On Him In Abuja (Pics)

Little Michael pictured suffered burns on 67% of his little body and is currently hospitalized  at the Burns unit National Hospital, Abuja, after his neighbour mistakenly spilled fuel on him.

According to Facebook user, Dooshima Dennis:
   ''A neighbour was fuelling her generator set and in the process fuel spilt on him. Being a little boy that he is (ignorant), he never knew the gravity of what’s about to happen to him when he got home and his mum asked him to bring the candle from the sitting room.

   ''Little did she know that his cloth had sprinkles of fuel on it. That’s how disaster happened and his cloth caught fire.

   ''But thank God he's alive, we can all find a reason to celebrate the love and joy we share.

   ''Micheal suffered burns on his face, chest, arms and hands. Thank God his surgery was a success and most importantly he’s a survivor. I’m so so filled with joy that the surgery (plastic) performed on him was successful and he’s recovering fast.

   ''It was emotional for me today on seeing him but I felt an overwhelming sense of happiness within me and its very comforting for my team and I.

   ''I was even happier when he spoke with me (butterflies in my belly) really excited I spent my birthday with him last month, you can see the photo of him up and his face is clearer now.''

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