Saturday, May 6, 2017

28Yrs Old Man, Spencer Walford, Attacks Wife On Their Wedding Night Before Raping Her (Pics)

A bride has revealed how her ex-husband attacked her on her wedding night before subjecting her to routine rapes when he decided he wanted to a child.

Charlotte Walford, from Northampton, thought her husband, Spencer Walford, was the man of her dreams, but, hours after exchanging vows, the violent 28-year-old began subjecting her to brutal attacks.

The campaign of abuse, which started at the couple's wedding reception, continued for months until she finally reported the abuse to police.

Walford even subjected his wife to a series of rapes when he decided he wanted her to have their child.

The 29-year-old has now revealed how she was too ashamed to tell anyone what was going on until she became pregnant with their son.

In an attempt to protect her unborn baby, Ms Walford went to the police and testified against her husband.

He is now serving a 14-year jail term after pleading guilty to rape and other assaults against Ms Walford.


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