Monday, April 24, 2017

TTB Is Giving Out Massive Discounts On Advert Rates, Recharge Cards + Watch This Video Of Moi Saying 'Thank You'

Hiya sweeties, whatagwan? How are y'all my people?? I don miss una o, walai talai, lol.

Unto something serious, ok so, you have a business/company you want to advertise and you reached out to us wanting to use our platform to reach out to millions of blog visitors, but you ran away because you couldn't afford our price(s)? Oya run dey come back o, because TTB has decided to give out massive discount advert rates.. So, now is the time to make use of this opportunity.. We understand that times are hard, and in our own little way, we want to help..

For those wanting to run adverts for months and get discount, you are included, take this opportunity now,.. We are giving out MASSIVE discounts on our advert rates.. Contact us on .
More goodnews sweeties, every weekend, TTB will be giving out recharge to the person with the highest comment on our blog posts,.. So what are you waiting for? Start commenting and at the end of the week, the person with the highest comment, gets any recharge card of his/her choice.. Drop the last three digits of your number for every comment you drop on TTB.

And lastly, for businesses/companies, who wants moi to do a video, advertising their products or services and get us to promote it for them on TTB, just like the video I did (HERE), lol, then get in touch with moi, but bear it in mind that, you will pay more for having me advertise your products and services personally, you can't come and use my face for free, it can not happen, I will not take it *in Orubebe's voice*, hehehe.. Click (HERE) to watch the video.

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