Friday, April 7, 2017

Real Reason Why Ahmed Musa & His Wife Fought, Which Led To His Arrest, He Called Another Woman 'My Queen' (Pics)

Juliet, Ahmed Musa and wife, Jemila..
Ahmed Musa, Leicester City and Super Eagles' winger, was yesterday, arrested and questioned by the British Police for allegedly beating his wife, Jemila.
Digging deep into what might have led to the 'fight', we took a tour on the player's instagram page, where we discovered that he wished a certain lady, by name, Juliet Adeh Ujue, a happy birthday and uploaded her pic, calling her 'My Queen'.
Ahmed Musa, son and wife, Jemila..
There are rumours that he's planning to marry her as a second wife and being that he's a Muslim, he's allowed to marry more than one wife, but then, just like every other woman, his wife and mother of  his two children, Jamila, got furious and confronted him.. An action which aftermath led to the arrest of the player.. He was released after some hours.

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