Monday, April 10, 2017

Pics: Delta State Man Tortures & Locks Up His Little Daughters After A Pastor Told Him They Are Responsible For His Financial Troubles

Hmmm.. I'm just so pissed and trying so hard not to say anything. A man in Delta State locked up and tortured his daughters for 9 months, after a pastor told him they're responsible for his financial troubles.. Read the report according to Victor Ibeh who shared the story....


   ''Apostle Bendream Umukoro, the G.O of Practical Grace Of God's mission (PGGM), Musheshe Estate, Warri-Delta State has connived with Mr Fidelis Orugboh, of 23, 24th street, Bendel Estate, Warri, to subject these two children to torture and dehumanizing treatment.
   ''We will not wait for any God to punish them. We will punish them by seeking justice unbehalf of these children.

   ''These children have been locked up for a period of 9 months, under the most pitiable conditions- starvation, torture, deprivation and serious infringement of their fundamental human rights.

   ''All these came as a result of the prophesy and Counselling activities of the aforementioned Preacher.
   ''He told Mr Orugboh that his daughters are responsible for his being broke.

   ''Consequent upon that revelation, Orugboh decided to subject his daughters to torture as a way of paying them back for his condition in life.
   ''You can see the before and after pictures of these children and tell me if a human being in his/her right mind would subject such beautiful children to all they have been through.

   ''They could be mine or yours. Don't say "God forbid". If you happen to die, you won't be able to account for the whereabouts of your children. We need to let the appropriate authorities know about this and take action.''

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