Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Awww.. This Blind Old Man Gave His Land To Over 500 IDPs For Shelter In Maiduguri (Pics)

A kind old man gave up his land to be used by Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Zannari Kanti Goma camp in Borno state.

Due to Boko Haram insurgency which has plagued Nigeria for some years now, a lot of people have been displaced from their homes in the North.

Some camps were started to provide shelter and food for the survivors of the horrific attacks, with well-meaning Nigerians sending relief materials from time to time.
A kind, blind old man identified as Ahmed Ali, decided to give up his only prized possession to cater to the needs of others. He gave up his only piece of land, to house over 500 IDPs, in Borno.
Ahmed Ali aka Mai Kifi, gave up his only piece of land so that IDPs can be sheltered

Sharing the story on Facebook, a lady identified as Aisha Musa Kidah wrote:

"A braveheart is one who stands for those who cannot stand, who speaks for those who cannot speak, who holds up the arms of the weary, who offers hope to those who have lost their way.
   ''I met a man with a brave heart today, his heart is full of love and kindness. He is one in a million, a rare gem. He is also blind and an old man. His name is Ahmed Ali a.k.a Mai Kifi, an indigene of Mafa LGA Borno State.
   ''This blind man gave his land to the IDPs at Zannari Kanti Goma camp for shelter. Over 500 IDPs are now residing on the piece of land for free. A gesture that is lacking even among the #Rich.

   ''Ya Allah reward him with Jannatul firdausi. The blind man deserves a national award. What's your take?"

Mai Kifi's land provides shelter for over 500 people in Borno. May God bless him.

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