Saturday, April 29, 2017

Angry Dad, Phil Young, Blocks School Entrance After His Daughter Was Issolated Because They Couldn't Afford A New Jacket

A cash-strapped dad staged a blockade outside of his daughter's school after teachers put her in isolation for not having a blazer.

Fuming father, Phil Young, of 15-year-old schoolgirl, Leah, believes his daughter is being victimised because the family cannot afford to buy her a new blazer after she outgrew her former tattered jacket.

The teen has missed lessons for her GCSEs after being put in isolation for turning up to school in a leather jacket.

Her angry father, Phil Young, said every spare penny the family has is being spent on travel to Oxford for his wife, Carol's therapy after she was diagnosed with cancer.

The family, who are on benefits, say every time Leah turns up to Nova Hreod Academy in Swindon, Wiltshire, in another jacket she is taken out of normal lessons and put into isolation.

On Wednesday morning he parked his car at the gates of the school in a bid to prevent staff driving onto the site.

He said: "I'm not having her stuck in isolation when she has done nothing wrong.

"Last month we asked whether she could have a new blazer. They said they would buy half of it.

"But we are on benefits and my wife is being treated for cancer."

Leah has also hit out at the school, saying: "My friends are disgusted by it. I need my education."

The school bought a blazer for Leah in Year 9 after the new uniform rules were introduced.

But that was 18 months ago and it is now too small and threadbare.

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