Monday, April 3, 2017

33Years Old Father Shows Off Weight Loss That Has Seen Him Transform From Clinically Obese To Superfit

A father lost more than half his body weight to transform from clinically obese to a triathlon star. Kris Whitelaw weighed 26 stone in 2012, and had been diagnosed as clinically obese.

Unhappy with his weight, the 33-year-old suffered from depression and even considered taking his own life more than once.

Kris, from Killingworth, Newcastle, felt like he couldn’t even enjoy games with his two girls Sophie and Charlotte because his weight left him feeling too tired. But after making drastic lifestyle changes Kris managed to lose almost 14 stone.
He is now virtually unrecognizable compared to his former self and is about to start preparation for another gruelling summer of multiple triathlon events - including two European Championships. Kris said: ''My life is so much better now. I was just so unhappy.

   ''People will say ‘well why didn’t you just stop eating?’ but it’s not as simple as that. It’s like people who don't eat too. It’s a food problem. Sometimes there’s underlying problems and for me food was a comfort.

   ''The thing is, you can’t just stop eating either because you need food to live. You can stop taking a drug if you’re addicted and you won’t die; you can’t just stop eating.''

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