Saturday, March 11, 2017

Pics: Wife Parades Her Husband's Young Mistress Naked On The Streets

A scorned wife caught a woman in bed with her husband, according to local media in China.

She decided humiliation was the best form of punishment, so pulled her clothes off and took her to a busy street.
Onlookers can be seen trying not to watch as the embarrassing sentence is served in the unverified clip.

Her captors, thought to be other members of the wife’s family, keep a tight grip on her hair as she’s led down on packed pavement.
Chichi Chan, who recorded the clip, said: ''Nobody has sympathy for the woman that gets caught doing this with another woman’s husband.

   ''She was accepting of her punishment because she knows that she did the wrong thing. It is a good warning for other people not to do this. People should be afraid of what the consequences are.''

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