Monday, March 13, 2017

Nigerian Makeup Artist Calls Out Lagos Police For Releasing An Alleged Thief, Ojo Oluwatobiloba Ayobami (Pics)

Read what she wrote..

   ''This is Lady parading herself as Kenny & robbing people off their properties. Her real name is Ojo Oluwatobiloba Ayobami. She came into my studio on Tuesday pretending to be a bride that came to make enquiries for her wedding day but actually came to steal. When leaving she went with a huge sum of money. It was later i found out she has been to more than half of the makeup studios in egbeda to rob them with the same tactic of pretending to be a prospective bride. She made away with 50k & an android phone @ a makeup studio in abeokuta.... She was caught on friday when she was trying to rob another makeup studio in egbeda & was handed over to the police. But I got to the station to find out despite all the evidence & everything recovered @ her house (iphones,laptops,samsung phones, makeup brushes, makeup products etc) the police still went ahead to release her. This is why people resort to Jungle Justice... Police is not your friend.''

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