Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Mel B's Brother-In-Law Opens Up, Claims Romps With Strippers Put An End To Their Marriage

Mel B 's brother-in-law Jeremiah Belafonte claims his brother and Mel B's marriage broke down, because they invited other people into their bedroom. Jeremiah, 43, claims that his movie producer brother, Stephen , and the America's Got Talent judge saw their relationship go off the rails during an "open" period.

Alleging that the pop star and her husband, both 41, invited third parties into their bedroom during their ten year marriage, he described Mel and Stephen as having an 'open kind of relationship'.

He said  "Basically what they had going on was a very fun, loose, open kind of relationship. “They liked to bring a stripper over and have a little fun and stuff like that.''

Alluding to this being the reason for the couple's split, he added he thought it had given one of them the excuse to "do whatever" they wanted.

He said: ''If you’re not a very mature person and you’re not very solid, if you’re going to look at that as a license to do whatever the hell you want, then someone is going to feel unappreciated.''

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