Thursday, March 16, 2017

Ghenghen!! Scorned Young Nigerian Lady Calls Out Ex-Boyfriend Who Allegedly Cheated On Her (Pics)

A Nigerian lady is upset that her ex-boyfriend cheated on her, borrowed money from her on the 13th of February because of an 'emergency' only to go spend it on his bae on the 14th of February.

According to Osarienme Owie (unmasked lady in the pic below), she is mad pissed because instead of the couple to go ahead and date in peace, they allegedly insulted her mum. Read Osa's rant below:
   ''So I have never done this before but Yep! Some lines are never meant to be crossed yo! @uncleobragha U definitely crossed the line here tho. 

   ''Family and friends this is an official calling out of two slimy people, Tamara and Linda ( @lynyshawn, 2 bank 75k earning bitches bloody teller and stupid customer service. if u both wanted to date, u should go ahead and leave me out of ur ugly mess. 

   ''Y'all better step the hell away from me else u will see and get it hot with me. I am sounding this as a final warning if anybody knows them warn them profusely cos u don't talk about my parents and expect me to fold my hands.

   ''I will treat the both of u fuck up badly. Tam u are nothing but a fuckboy that was why you got an Emmanuella pregnant at 17 and helped her abort it, am I right or wrong? 

   ''So clear the hell from my face and go be with ur heart. I will say this one time so everyone bears witness, FUCK OFF BITCH! Oh and by the way u can go and admire them in the *bank museum, adeola odeku* (address edited). 

   ''Oh and Ms Onyeka the cane they used in flogging the first person is hidden behind the door, enjoy it while it last. #pettiness #fuckboythings #cheatingliars #unworthynegros #slimypersons #waywardpines #demonlevels #donttestme

2nd round of Rhemmy's rant:

   ''For those asking, these are the slimy creatures I am talking of... Linda and Tamara Agbegha... Outwardly they look responsible and innocent but inwardly they are wolves.

   ''I don't have a problem with whom u decide to cheat with but I have a problem wen she comes to insult my parents. @uncleobragha u are the biggest joke of the century, after sending me I love you messages and asking me for money 3 days consecutively u had the guts and effrontery to insult my mother? 

   ''I will spare everyone the gory details of the woman beater that u are but don't make me get to the police on ur account. Don't make me tell people that u begged me for money on the 13th feb for an emergency and turned around to go see ur love on the 14th feb with my money. Don't make me tell people all ur rubbish ways o, cos u are no saint. 

   ''I forgave u after the first time now u used ur own credit to call me up to look for trouble. Please and please varnish from my side u low life, without home training at all. I am done caring now cause ur attitude enrages me. 

   ''U can say whatever u want but the fact remains that u are an absurd retard with a low iq... The only rule to the game u were trying to play was to never get caught but yo the day I found that was wen u fucked up. 

   ''U don't play with a woman's emotion cos she is not a toy. By the way their birthdays are 18August (Linda 25 going on 26) and 20 March ( Tamara 28 going on 29) ngwa clap for urself. Old pair of jokes! ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜ #iamjustgettingwarmedup #idontthinkuarereadyforthispetty #shortblackboywithnohometraining #wolfinsheepclothing #brokeassnigga #zenithharlotsandharlottress #dontmesswithedogirls.''

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