Monday, March 13, 2017

Commercial Helicopters Banned From Flying Passengers From Kaduna To Abuja -National Security Adviser, Babagana Munguno

Babagana Munguno, the National Security Adviser has banned flying of commercial helicopters from Kaduna to Abuja by some helicopter companies, except those with clearance to fly. Here's what he said while giving out the order;

   ''In view of the closure of the airport, air travelers will be required to travel by road/train to Abuja from Kaduna International Airport. This will undoubtedly cause constraints on the movement of some passengers who will aim to travel using other means, notably the use of commercial ferry helicopters.

   ''Please be reminded that the airspace over the Federal Capital Territory Abuja is controlled and only security flights or those with the requisite security clearance from the Presidency are granted overhead clearance for obvious security reasons.

   ''Consequently, you are to note and ensure that no charter or commercial helicopter ferry flights are allowed to fly within Abuja airspace.''

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