Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Awww.. So Sweet! Nigerian Man Proposes To His Girlfriend At The Ikeja City Mall, Lagos (See Pics)

I LOVE love, hehehe and I'm always interested in love stories.. Choii, see me smiling, starring at their pics as if I know them, lol.. I'm so happy for them, love is a beautiful thing..

Ok so, a young Nigerian man named, Jay, took his proposal to Ikeja City Mall yesterday, which happened to be his girlfriend, Sekinat Lawal 's birthday, and he just had to make it perfect for her, by officially popping the big question..
The excited bride to be took to her Instagram page to share the good news, she wrote;
   "Alhamdulilah😇I was at the mall with @jummie1 and @zebinah ...I had to finish with my dressing before posing for the camera...We came out to these crowd... I was wondering...what was happening? Jummie and zebinah said maybe it's a proposal Jummie said she need to use the ATM down the escalator... I was like (shine eyes) nahh... I have phobia for the escalator (bush geh)...
   ''I refused for some minutes (stubborn)... then I said you know a proposal is going on there and i must not fall in front of that crowd.. She said look at my eyes.... You won't fall, just off your heels n wear your shoes... At that point (swallowed spit) I said "if I fall I won't forgive you ooo"... As we proceed...
   ''All I could see was "WILL YOU MARRY ME" and booboo @ka.brott ...he came all the way... I couldn't help it but scream"JUMMIE ITS ME"... That feeling (just scream.. faint Run....Cry... Blush...Cold....ground please open...loss appetite). I was short of words, but I could say ''YES".'' She concluded.

Congratulations to the couple..

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