Friday, March 31, 2017

34Years Old Man Escapes Death After Being Electrocuted By His Phone's Charger (Pics)

Wiley Day escaped being electrocuted to death, after his charger came lose and a metal dog tag he was wearing was stuck on it.

The 34-year-old Alabama man, who woke with the electric shock he got, while 
sleeping with his cellphone charging by his bed side on that Wednesday night, managed to rip the necklace off but not before suffering second and third-degree burns to his neck and hands.
Wiley said;

'What I felt through that...I just thought that's how you die.'

Dr Fail who treated him, disclosed that 100volts can kill, but Wiley who is lucky to be live survived the 110volts that passed through him.

'He is lucky to be alive.

'Electrocution kills.' After the brush with death, Day says he's going to stop sleeping in bed with his phone. Charge your phone away from you. Charge it the next day. It's not worth your life.'

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