Thursday, February 23, 2017

Wowza!! Dog Undergoes Plastic Surgery To Look Like Owners' Favourite Movie Character (See Pic)

A family has made their dog undergo plastic surgery to make it look like their favourite movie character, Milo, the dog from a 1994 movie, The Mask.

A woman had bought the puppy for her son, but they noticed that his ears were growing upwards.

The family then used weights and glue to try and keep the ears down, but when that failed, they opted for plastic surgery instead.

   ''At a family meeting, we decided that we would fix his ears with the help of a surgeon. The doctors tried to convince us not to do it, but we decided that that way it would look more aesthetic.'' Its Russian owners say.

And, according to the surgeon who worked on the ears, ''The dog owner strongly insisted, because they wanted a show dog.''

   ''On the dog competitions, there are certain criteria for this type of breed. The dog looks like the breed, except for his ears and because of them, he can never win anything.'' The surgeon adds.

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