Monday, February 27, 2017

OMG! Young Lady Bleeds Uncontrollably From Her Nose & Privates, After Following Yahoo Boyfriend To Ibadan

According to twitter user @DijiaderoGba, a lady living close to his house is bleeding uncontrollably from her nose and privates, after following her 'yahoo yahoo' boyfriend to Ibadan.

We all should be careful.. There's NO such thing as quick money.. Read below how he narrated the sad story..

  ''A girl living close to my house has been bleeding from her private part since morning. Friends said, she followed her Yahoo bf to IB on Tues.

   ''Came back on thursday & fell ill, today ( Morning ) she started bleeding. She said her bf gave her a coconut & palmwine to drink on Tue night.

   ''Y’all gotta be very careful. Yahoo guys are using Friends, gfs, family members etc to make this money. I feel pity for this guy, so sad.

   ''I don’t know if some girls are just naturally greedy or gullible. These things happen every time & they hear bout it but then, dey cont.

   ''These guys are spiritual, they spend illegal money & confidently tell you “I be Yahoo guy, Wetin you wan do’… Yahoo Yahoo is now a norm

   ''I have heard a lot about incidents. Even guys need to be very careful Cus these Yahoo guys are ready to use anybody (even family members).

   ''Sad part is, some of these girls know about their bf’s Yahoo Yahoo game but being greedy won’t allow them think straight. Love of money!”

   ''Everyone ought to be careful. The rate at which our young men are desperate these days (and willing to go any length) is really alarming.

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