Monday, February 20, 2017

How We Rob ATM Users - Notorious Lagos Armed Robber Confesses

A robbery suspect has confessed to being an expert in robbing ATM users in Alaba Rago Market, Ojo area of Lagos

Gbenga Babatunde, a 25-year old armed robbery suspect has confessed to robbing ATM users in Lagos state.

He told operatives of the Rapid Response Squad of the Lagos State Police Command how his gang robbed about 35 Automated Teller Machine users in Alaba Rago Market, Ojo area of Lagos, the police said.

Babatunde was arrested after his failure to rob a lady around 5:48 a.m. at an ATM point in Alaba Rago Market.

Gbenga Babatunde, who was arrested by the operatives patrolling the area was caught with a ‘cut-to-size’ locally made short gun with two live cartridges.

It was learnt that the suspect was not operating alone.

He was said to have an accomplice whose name was given as Samson Baba Ramadan.

In a statement on Sunday, the police said the suspect had an accomplice whose name was given as Samson Baba Ramadan, 28, who managed to escape after the botched operation.

According to the police, Babatunde has confessed to the crime.

He said: “I have been in the crime since I met my colleague, Samson Baba Ramadan. I met him at Field Joint, Alaba, two years ago and since then we have been working together,” said Mr. Babatunde.

“We have robbed about 35 people together. We would have gotten to the ATM point by 4:00 a.m. We would hide inside the shop that is not open beside the ATM point.”

According to PremiumTimes, the suspect said as soon as a potential victim withdraws money, they would accost him or her, collect the money and escape.

“The last money we collected was N40, 000. Yesterday, we collected N12, 500,” he said.

“This morning, we wanted to collect money from a lady. That lady ran away. We thought she had gone, not knowing that she went to inform RRS. This was around 5:00 a.m. They pursued us and arrested me but my partner escaped.

“I don’t go home. I sleep in Osankwa Hotel, Alaba Rago. It is only whenever I don’t have money that I go home. I have no wife and no child.”

The Lagos State Police spokesperson, Dolapo Badmus confirmed the arrest, saying the case has been transferred to state Criminal Investigation Department for further investigation and prosecution.

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