Sunday, February 12, 2017

George Michael's Boyfriend, Fadi Fawaz, Banned From His Funeral

George Michael’s boyfriend, Fadi Fawaz, will not be at his funeral, as he has been banned.

According to Michael's relatives, Fadi has been banned by the late pop star’s family.

The 43-year-old, who found his lover dead at his Oxfordshire home on Christmas Day, is ‘not welcome’ at the event.

This comes a day after it was revealed Mr Fawaz waited an hour to call an ambulance for Michael after trying to resuscitate the singer himself.

Michael’s childhood friend, Andros Georgiou, told TheSun that ‘the family hates’ Mr Fawaz and added:

   ''Heaven help him if he turns up. Fadi was not really his boyfriend. No one has spoken to him and he just seems to be getting on with his life. It makes my stomach turn.''

Mr Georgiou added Michael will be ‘buried in his favourite black suit’ from his Symphonica tour for the ‘heartbreaking’ farewell. The Careless Whisper singer will also be buried with a gold Cartier watch and a ring engraved with his nickname ‘Yog’.

As reported by MailOnline, during the four minute call placed by Fadi Fawaz to the 911 ambulance service, Fadi told them Michael was 'blue' and 'cold' and said resuscitation ‘probably won't help’.

   ''It's George Michael, I think he's dead. He's not breathing. He is in bed. He is cold and he is blue. He is very stiff.''

Fawaz told police he had spent Christmas Eve with the singer, but fell asleep in his car that night, only discovering George was dead when he went to wake him the following morning.

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