Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo's Kickboxer Best Friend, Badr Hari, Sentenced To Two Years In Jail

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Moroccan kickboxing mate, Badr Hari, has been sentenced to two years in jail by the Supreme Court in the Netherlands.

Professional fighter, Hari, 32, was convicted of aggravated assault and disturbing the peace at a party in the Amsterdam Arena, as well as at a nightclub owned by Jimmy Woo in 2012.

He was born and raised in Amsterdam but these days largely resides in Morocco.

The ‘Golden Boy’ is a former K-1 Heavyweight champion in 2007-08 and It’s Showtime
Heavyweight world champion 2009-10 and has a record of 106 wins from 120 bouts.

He was convicted for two counts of aggravated assault on Dutch millionaire Koen Everink during a party at the arena.

The magistrates said in their ruling, for which Hari wasn not present, that Hari had taken advantage of his “physical superiority” in both attacks.

Hari’s lawyer labelled the sentence "incomprehensible", although he is unable to appeal the decision.

Hari had appealed a 2014 guilty verdict for which he served six months in prison , but the decision backfired as the appeals court found the original sentence too lenient and increased it to two years custody.

Hari, who is expected to serve six months of his two-year sentence due to having already spent eight months behind bars in custody for the attacks, is a close friend of Real Madrid mega-star Ronaldo.

Reports in Spain have claimed that they are such good friends that the Portuguese superstar has spent time flying back and forth from Madrid on his £18million private jet in order to spend more time with Hari.

The 6ft 6in super-heavyweight has a long history of violent crime and has even been disqualified from kickboxing bouts for "unsportsmanlike conduct" after being overly aggressive.

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