Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Awww.. 11 Year Old Girl Writes Police After They Helped Her Mum (Pics)

They are often the recipients of information about problems, crime or complaints.

But when investigating the mystery of a stolen phone, one police force received a touching note of gratitude.

An 11-year-old girl, known only as Aisha, sent police officers a heartfelt handwritten letter to Coventry police after they helped her mum find her lost phone.

In the letter, which was later shared by the Coventry Magpie Team on its Twitter page, the child said she couldn't thank police enough for helping her mum find her stolen phone.

A pic of the sweet missive - addressed, aptly, "To the Police - was accompanied by the caption: “This is what makes the job so worthwhile.

   ''Stolen phone recovered, and a very happy family.''

She said: “To the Police.

   ''Thank you so much for finding my mum’s phone! I actually still can’t believe it.

   ''There were so many important things on there and you saved the phone.
   ''When I get older I want to be a police officer and help people just like you! I can’t stop thanking you.


PC Peter Ormond was given the letter after visiting the family to take a statement from the mum.

He said: ''I was quite touched by it.''

The phone had been stolen in a shop and was reported to police a couple of hours later.

During that time it had been sold to a second hand shop in Coventry City Centre, where police discovered it.

After finding the phone and getting CCTV footage from the shop, the officers called the phone’s owner to tell her it had been found.

Her children were overjoyed at the news and little Aisha decided to write the letter to show her gratitude.

PC Ormond added: ''The children were apparently more excited about it than the mum.

  ''The young girl went straight upstairs after the phone call.

   ''I then went round to take a statement from the mum and as I was leaving the little girl came downstairs and gave me the envelope.

   ''We don’t do the job for praise but it’s nice to have a little pat on the back sometimes.''

Police investigations are still ongoing after the theft.

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