Monday, February 27, 2017

27Yrs Old Uncle From Hell Rapes His 11-Month-Old Baby, Who's Now Bleeding Endlessly (Graphic Pics)

I am extremely pissed, I'm all sort of emotional right now and I'm trying not to  type exactly what should have be done to that 'uncle'. An 11-Month old Baby (name withheld) is currently battling between life and death after she was raped by a 27-year-old Uncle, identified as Ibrahim, in Ijebu Igbo area of Ogun state.

It was gathered that the mother of the litttle child had dropped her off with the Ibrahim who lives next door in a bid to get some food stuffs in the nearby market.

Witnesses further disclosed that Ibrahim used his fingers to tamper with the child’s sexual organs while she was in a deep sleep, before trying to penetrate with his manhood.
   ''It was at this point that we shouted an that attracted the attention of other neighbors.'' An eye witness said.

Further details are still sketchy. However, Ibrahim has been arrested and is currently helping the Police with investigations.

Meanwhile, to those of you who drop comments on rape cases supporting a rapist (which I do not bother publishing) and trying to give me reasons why it might be a 'set-up', see ehen, na God go punish una, I repeat, na God go punish una!

The only reason why I do not publish, nor reply such nonsense comments is simply because you drop them as anonymous, I do not have the time talking to a man/woman who's got no identity, no face or name to their silly comments.

If you can stand a baby being raped, I CAN'T and I so CAN'T see any logic whatsoever in your silly comments.

Just because the rapist is your friend/brother/uncle, you drop comments supporting him? Don't worry, what goes around, comes around. You go as far as threatening moi that you would sue me?? I laugh.


  1. Wtfk! He needs to have his penis cut clean off with a dull knife, sodomize the scumbag with a rusty stripper pole, throw some acid in his damn face and set him on fire! ������

  2. He deserves to be stripped naked, tied on a steak garnished with raw pepper, place on a burning coal to roast. When fully roasted his remains should be fed to the dogs cause am sure the soil wouldn't even accept is corpse.


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