Saturday, January 14, 2017

#SteveHarvey Comes Under Fire Over Meeting With Donald Trump (See Pics + Reactions)

Comedian and talk show host, Steve Harvey, is under fire at the moment, after he met with US President-elect, Donald Trump, to assist with Trump's impending administration.
Yesterday afternoon, Steve Harvey joined the ranks of those Donald Trump has courted to seek positive changes in the United States.

Steve Harvey, who endorsed Hillary Clinton for President last year told TMZ before the meeting:
   ''I got invited to Trump Tower, so I've got to go.''

After the meeting at Trump Tower, Steve Harvey told reporters that Donald Trump and Housing Secretary, designate Ben Carson discussed an effort to revive the inner cities with him.
   "He said he wanted to do something. They have a plan for the inner cities but they need some help and so that's why they called me. So we'll see what I can do."
Unfortunately, lots of people are angered by Steve's 'dining with the devil', a man who disrespected Barack Obama and women for so long and are now asking for a boycott of his shows. Read what he wrote about the meeting below + see reactions..

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