Thursday, December 20, 2012

President Goodluck Jonathan Leads Federal Government Delegation To Late Governor Patrick Yakowa's Burial..

The Former Kaduna State Governor, Patrick Yakowa, was buried today, Thursday 20th, December, 2012, in his village in Kogoma, which is about 230kms to the Capital City.

            President Jonathan led the Federal Government Delegation to pay tribute to Late Gov. Yakowa. He described him as......

          "Governor Yakowa was a different class of politician. Most of us who are politicians, exploit religious sentiment to divide Nigerians, for our own selfish gains. We exploit North, South, to divide Nigerians for our selfish gains, but, Yakowa was very different. He was a gentleman, who believed in the unity of this Country".

           He also described the Late Gen. Andrew Azazi as a fine and selfless officer, who served his Country meritoriously.

           The Chairman of the Northern Governors' Forum, Gov. Babangida Aliyu of Niger State, condemned those Nigerians who were reported, to have celebrated the death of Gov. Yakowa, as 'inhuman'.

            "No matter the religion one professes, the simple tenet is that, we should sympathize with the dead and the bereaved and pray for the repose of the soul of the departed, whose death is a colossal loss". He further stated.....

            "Immediately, we start praying for our leaders to die, then, we are asking that the whole society should die. We must pray for our leaders. We must go back to our faith and practice our religion as demanded by the Almighty God".

            "We must talk to our children. We must be involved in the moral and religious education of our children. This development shows that, we are failing in duty to train our children". He concluded.

            Describing the late Yakowa, Aliyu said, he was a bridge-builder, who brought Christians and Muslims in Kaduna State together, he said, the late Governor provided peace and tranquillity.

           *Its pretty sad and heartbreaking, that some senseless humans, celebrated the death of Late Gov. Yakowa, just because he is/was a Christian. How wicked can these folks get??? Guess they've forgotten that, in the same way, Yakowa didn't know he was going to die, they can as well slump and die while celebrating. It's a shame on all of you, who secretly or publicly rejoiced over the death of another, yours isn't far either. R.I.P.P Sir*.


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