Saturday, March 25, 2017

Job Vacancies In Lagos! We Are Looking For A Front Desk Officer & A Preschool Teacher (DETAILS)

Hiya everyone, a friend is looking for some hardworking, smart peeps to fill in some positions.. So grab the opportunity NOW! Details below..

A preschool in Yaba – Lagos, is looking to fill two vacant positions.
I. Front desk officer – Applicants for this role should have a minimum qualification of BSc. Or HND; they must have good interpersonal, social, and communication skills.

II. Preschool Teacher – Applicants for this role must have a lot of patience and love for children. Academic qualifications required for this role is BSc, HND or any equivalent tertiary qualification. Professional breadth of knowledge needed to function effectively in this role includes knowledge of best practices and preschool educational methods as well as the ability to engage the preschoolers, whilst earning their trust and attention.

Interested candidates should send their CVs to .Goodluck guys.
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So SAD! Corp Member Dies In Akwa Ibom Allegedly Due To Doctor's Negligence (Pics)

Two days ago, was a BLACK Thursday for NYSC Corp members serving in Abak, Akwa Ibom State.

One of them, a Batch A Stream 1 corp member, Abraham popularly called Ab,  fainted during a football match, was rushed to a hospital where he lost his life after the medical doctor on duty allegedly refused to attend to him.

According to Facebook user, Comr Dokubo, the corp members had gathered yesterday at the Government Technical College (GTC) field for the ongoing football tournament which was played by Corp members serving in Abak.

Not up to ten minutes in the first half, a Batch A Stream 1 corp member, Abraham popularly called Ab,  fainted at the field.
Dokubo's story continues below:

Ab was rushed to Mercy Clinic Abak, at Mercy Clinic we saw the highest level of man's inhumanity to man.

When Corp Members arrived luckily we met a doctor he instructed that we first get the card while others went to get the card we pleaded with the doctor to run some test the doctor refused before we will say Jack the doctor have disappeared into thin air.

An elderly woman who was a nurse tried her bit, few minutes later a Reverend Father came prayed for the boy and personally begged the doctor for more than 40minutes before the doctor came to see what was going on.

He injected Ab only God knows what he injected Ab with and instructed that he be transferred to Teaching Hospital Uyo.

Ab had given up the ghost before he arrived Teaching Hospital Uyo.

The question is, if the doctor had attended to our brother, would what is happening to us now happened?

I think the answer is a NO!

Yesterday we met a medical practitioner who has no human sympathy in his world.

We live in a country that has no medical security for her citizens what a shame.

There are so many questions but we leave it to God.

May God grant his family the fortitude to bear the loss. May the Soul of the departed rest in peace, Amen.
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Ogun State Police Arrest Four Men For Allegedly Killing Their Partner For Ritual Purpose (Pics)

The Oyo State Police Command on Friday said it arrested four suspects for allegedly killing one Akintoye Oyeyemi for ritual. The suspects are: Tunde Jimoh, Gbenga Babalade, Abubakar Agboola and Olatunji Ahmed.

Presenting the suspects before newsmen in Ibadan, the Commissioner of Police in Oyo, CP Abiodun Odude, said Jimoh and Babalade conspired to kill the victim for money rituals by using human heart.

He explained that Agboola, who is called Baba, provided the link to Ahmed who is an Alfa. Odude said that the killers of the victim carried out their plan in the pretext of doing cashew business and lured the victim, robbed him of N100,000 and subsequently murdered him in cold blood.

He said the two suspects said they killed Oyeyemi because they believed he had N10million in his possession for the cashew business but N100, 000 was found in his possession.
Odude said that the two suspects said that after killing the victim, they removed the vital organs for money rituals and took them to the other two suspects, Baba and Alfa for the ritual.

He said that the victim’s wife became apprehensive when she did not see her husband return home on time and raised alarm and thereafter reported the case at the Atiba Police State.

The police chief said items recovered from the suspects include: headless body of the deceased, heart and wrists. Other items are one cut-to-size single barrel gun, two long single barrel gun, axe, three knife, N40, 000 and charms. He said that the suspects would be arraigned in court after police investigations.

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Lagos Third Mainland Bridge Lagoon Is Hungry & Angry - Popular Ifa Priest Urges Oba Of Lagos To Appease The gods

Many people, including medical experts, seem to be pointing to depression as the possible cause for Dr Allwell Oji’s tragic suicide. However, two renowned Ifa priests have maintained a different stance.

They believe that the likely cause of Dr Allwell Oji's decision to commit suicide was either because he was controlled using an African traditional technique or the lagoon is hungry and angry.

In an attempt to solve the mystery of what really caused Dr Oji's demise, NewTelegraphonline consulted Ifa priests, Chief Omo-Oba Olorunwa Ayekonilogbon and Chief Yemi Elebuibon, another well-known Ifa priest.

Chief Omo-Oba Olorunwa Ayekonilogbon said;

    ''Considering that it was after Oji received the call that he took his life in such a cruel manner, speaks volume. That a bird cried at night and a child died in the morning could not be wished away as a mere coincidence.

   ''It is either he was controlled using an African traditional technique or the lagoon is hungry and angry. If he was controlled through African traditional way, no matter how he tried to evade it, he could still have looked for or waited to get near water before taking his life. You also know that our religion believes in destiny, it could have been his destiny as well.

   ''Again, if you look at the rate of deaths in the lagoon in recent time, via suicide mostly, it is equally possible the water is hungry and angry.

   ''What His Royal Highness, Oba Rilwan Akiolu of Lagos, needs to do now and urgently too, is to assemble credible traditionalists, I mean Ifa priests, to find out why the lagoon has suddenly become angry. All what the Babalawos need do is get close to the water, take a little for consultation. Ifa is capable and would surely reveal why all these things are happening.

   ''Until that is done, we might be chasing shadows.''

Chief Yemi Elebuibon spoke in a manner that suggests that Oji could have been ‘programmed’ (hypnotized) to do what he did:

   ''It is a great offence for a person to commit suicide; an abomination. Whoever does that is considered to have brought dishonor to his/her family.

   ''Yet, the traditional belief behind suicide is that some people do not just commit the act on their own, but for some mystical interventions. However, some people could find themselves in critical and unpleasant situations, and opt for suicide as the last resort instead of living to face the problem.

   ''Whenever it happens proper inquiry is set up by the king or head of the community where it occurred to find the cause of the problem and an Ifa priest is mostly called upon to prescribe atonement to cleanse the city.''
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Davido's Rumoured Babymama Bares It All, 'I Asked Davido To Wear Condom But He Refused & Had Sex With Me Twice'

Ayomide Labinjo, the Ibadan based lady who accused Davido of being the father of her 4-year old daughter has granted Punch another exclusive interview.

In this new interview, she blew hot like Stephanie Otobo, describing his manhood as VERY HUGE, what they did before sex, how he allegedly made love to her twice before day-break and many more.

When asked why she would allow anybody to have unprotected sex with her, Ayomide alleged that the singer was not a fan of wearing condoms during sex as she recounted in details what allegedly transpired the two times she alleged they had sex.

The young lady claimed, ''The reason I slept with him the first time we met was because I just wanted to catch my fun. The day we met at the club, Ebevande, I was with my friends, I did not really know him then but I just knew he was an artiste. I went out with my female friends; we had like a ladies night out; then one of his bouncers came to meet me and told me that his boss wanted to see me. I actually thought it was the owner of the club that wanted to see me.

   ''When I got to where they were, I noticed that it was David and he was with B. Red. I greeted both of them, B. Red did not respond but David did and we talked. He collected my pin and asked me to return to my seat. When they were about to leave, the bouncer came to meet me again and informed me that they wanted to leave. My friends thought we were all going together but when we all got to the car, he asked my friends to go back. He said that I was the one he wanted to see.

   ''We went to the Genesis Hotel. When we got to the room, we talked for a long while before we had sex. He is a very jovial person and he loves talking. He made me laugh a lot and we talked at length. B. Red was in the other room. I insisted that he should protect himself by wearing a condom before sex but he refused.

   ''He said that he does HIV test every two weeks. Then I asked him how sure he was that I did not have any disease but he said he was very sure I did not have a disease. After he had said all that, I told him to just do what he wanted to do and allow me go home in the morning. That night, he had sex with me twice.

   ''You would know he was in the mood to have sex that night and it lasted for a while. He has a big manhood and it hurt me a little. The second time was when he noticed I was leaving in the morning and he just wanted to have sex with me again.

   ''The second time, the sex did not last long because he was very tired and he did not even know when I left the hotel. I do not drink or smoke but David drinks and smokes. He drank and smoked in the club.'' She alleged.

Labinjo told SaturdayBeats that she was shocked that Davido said he gave her money as she claimed she had never received a dime from the singer since they met. In her words, she described the self-acclaimed Omo Baba Olowo as “a very stingy person.”

   ''I saw where he said he sent money to my family and that is a lie. The question I would ask is that what account did he pay the money into? He should bring out the bank teller. He has never given me money. If they said they have given me money, there would be a record or evidence and they should bring it out. Even when we had sex, he never gave me money for transport. David is a very stingy person and I would not be the first person saying this. I have heard it from different girls, David is very stingy.'' She said.

When asked if she was certain that the pop star is the father of her child, she answered in the affirmative. She claimed as of the time they met, she did not have a boyfriend and she is not one to jump from one bed to another.

Labinjo said, ''I am very sure he is the father of my child because I did not have a boyfriend when we met. I had some male friends but it was just a platonic relationship I had with them and nothing serious. I don’t jump from one bed to another and that is why I am very bold and certain that he is the father of my child. If I had been sleeping around, I would not be that bold to talk.''

She was quick to add that all she wanted was for the singer to step forward for another DNA test. Labinjo said that even if the result shows that Davido is the father of her child, she doubts mutual love would co-exist between them because of the way he has treated her all these years.

The mother of one also hinted that the matter may soon be taken to court.

   ''I just want him to take up his responsibility but I heard he is not ready for another DNA. My mother has gone to a lawyer and we would eventually go to court because I know we have a good case. I was told that even if David does not want to step out for a DNA, any of his siblings could step in for him. Once everything is settled, I just want him to take care of his daughter but there cannot be mutual love between us. Even the way he talks to me cannot allow for mutual love.'' She said.

Meanwhile, in a chat with SundayPunch, Davido’s manager, Asa Asika, had reportedly said, ''Davido is not the father of the baby.''

When asked if the singer would be willing to undergo another DNA test, he retorted, 

   ''He is not going for another DNA test. After all, a test was conducted and it turned out negative. DNA tests are never wrong. Davido had never met her before she showed up at his house claiming that he is the father of her child. She is just an opportunist looking for quick money and fame.''
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Friday, March 24, 2017

Mum-Of-Three, Yvette Kidd, Can't Play With Her Kids, Because Laughing Might Make Her Collapse (Pics)

A mum-of-three can't play with her children - because laughing could cause her to collapse. Yvette Kidd has cataplexy, a rare but serious illness which means she can collapse when she laughs or experiences extreme emotions.

The 38-year-old owner of a plus-size clothing business also has narcolepsy, a long-term brain disorder for which there is no cure, which causes excessive fatigue.

But until she was 36, doctors struggled to tell Yvette, who is married to landscape gardener, Andrew, 38, why she was so sleepy, she would often resort to napping in toilet cubicles at work.

Yvette was diagnosed with combined cataplexy and narcolepsy in June 2015 after doctors at Wythenshawe Hospital near Manchester carried out sleep tests which examined how sleep cycles worked in her brain.

Yvette, who has three children - Jamie, 16, Macy, 10, and Charlie, seven, told the Manchester Evening News that; ''A teacher pulled me to one side and asked me if I had been up late. I had been sleeping through class, but hadn’t even noticed.

“Soon, I was sleeping on my way to school, coming home and through classes. The minute I sat down, I would be asleep.

“It became the norm and my teachers didn’t even really question it. If I felt myself falling asleep in class, I would go to the toilet and put the seat down and have a sleep there. I just couldn’t stay awake.”

Doctors at the time attributed her sleepiness to puberty and being "a bit anaemic".

symptoms first emerged when she was at secondary school in Wigan, Lancashire.

By age 16, Yvette tipped the scales at 13 stone, leading people to believe she was just lazy and doctors to attribute her sleep problems to her weight.

"But it was the other way round," Yvette said.

"My weight gain was because of my sleep. I suspected it was narcolepsy but it was very difficult to explain it to doctors. As it got worse, I put more weight on."

Despite her problems, Yvette managed to leave school with five GCSEs and completed a course in fashion and design at Wigan and Leigh college, before setting up her own plus-size clothing business.

She added: “I am self-employed, because I don’t think anyone would employ me. Sometimes I’ve had to shut the shop just to have a little nap.”

She has since gained a newfound confidence, and has set up a group, Positively Perfect , and aspires to become a beauty queen.

So far, she has made it to the finals of two pageants - Miss Voluptuous UK and Miss British Beauty Curve, both of which are set to take place later this year. But she is nervous she will have an attack on stage.

Yvette is honest about the realities of living with cataplexy and narcolepsy, the causes of which are not confirmed, but are likely to be linked to a lack of the sleep chemical hypocretin.

She said: I still have no independence whatsoever. I can’t drive and I’m not allowed to cook because I’ve nearly burned the house down so many times. I’ve burnt things quite badly and have set the smoke alarm so many times – there have been a few close calls.
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Pics: 58Years Old Woman Who Was Stopped Today From Jumping Into Lagos Lagoon, Reveals Why She Wanted To Commit Suicide

The Lagos State Police has released an official statement, disclosing why the lady who was rescued today from jumping into the Lagos Lagoon by 11:25a.m wanted to do it.

The statement reads, ''Shortly after the report of Mrs. Abigael Ogunyinka who was rescued by fishermen in Lagos Lagoon early Friday morning, another woman was today prevented at about 11:25 a.m from leaping into the Lagoon by the operatives of the Rapid Response Squad of the Lagos state Police Command.

   ''The lady, Taiwo Momoh, 58, a textile dealer in Lagos Island, had put off her shoes and was wrapping her dress around her when men of RRS 226 prevented her from

   ''The lady, who lives in Lekki Lagos, disclosed that she was pushed to committing suicide in order to put an end to her constant sleeplessness and shame occasioned by her indebtedness to three Swiss textile dealers.

   ''She noted that her problem started sometimes in 2015, when a Bureau De Change dealer carted away her N18.7 million she wanted to change to pay her foreign creditors.

   ''She added that the creditors had given her Swiss textiles worth several millions of naira, noting that she has maintained good relationship with the creditors for more than 15 years.

   ''Her condition she said became compounded when robbers invaded her shop in Lagos Island carting away most of the textiles that was left with her.

   ''She emphasized that most of the time, she has been having sleepless nights and seeing the ghosts of the creditors whenever she was alone.

   ''Momoh, a member of the Redeemed Christian Church of God disclosed that on several occasions she had attempted to see her Parish Pastor to identify with her problem and for the church to help her raise money to meet her Swiss Creditors in order to assure them that she would pay their money.

   ''She noted that she was only allowed to see the second in Command, which has yielded no fruits.

   ''Added to all these, my first son, whom I felt would stand by me and console me abandoned me. By the time I’m gone, maybe he would come around and inherit what is left.

   ''I don’t want to use my debt and death to disturb anybody. I was in the shop this morning. I have looked everywhere and estimated what is there.

   ''I think, with my house, a bungalow, those I am leaving behind can still live comfortably. I want to go and meet God. This world is empty.

   ''I won’t because I want to get rich join cult group. I go my way and I don’t socialize unnecessarily.

   ''I was a Muslim, I have because of this problem been jumping from one faith to the other. The problem is too much for me to bear. I want to go back to God.

   ''That is why I have dressed very simple. I am ready to meet HIM. If He cannot address my problem on earth, let me go back to Him.''

*Hmmmm.. So SAD! She obviously needs help, I pray someone helps her out of this.. She's depressed and I feel for her.*

You can also READ: Lagos Police Rescue Woman Who Attempted Suicide On Third Mainland Bridge (Pic)
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Popular Ghanaian Actor, John Dumelo, Allegedly Caught With Two Missing Government Vehicles

Government agents have caught popular actor, John Dumelo, with two state vehicles. One of the vehicles is a Toyota Land Cruiser V8, according to a report by the Daily Guide.

He was said to have been caught with the Land Cruiser at a spraying shop in Accra where he had allegedly taken it to be resprayed. The vehicle is said to be one of the 200 vehicles the presidency says are missing.

The report said Dumelo initially said that the former first lady, Lordina Mahama, gave him the vehicle. Then he reportedly changed his tune, saying that he bought it himself.

However, a look at the car's chasis number (VIN number) is said to have given him away. The actor reportedly handed over the car without any resistance.

The actor was a staunch supporter of former president John Mahama ahead of the December election which he lost.
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Imo State Teacher Allegedly Brutalizes SS2 Student For Refusing Him Sex (Pics)

Story as shared by Facebook user, Uzuegbu Prosper.. Read below..


   ''I am particularly and pathetically troubled and perturbed about the way and manner some people can be deliberately dreaded and cruel. Just for nothing.

   ''This is a story of a SS2 student of Ubomiri Girls' Secondary School, Miss Victoria by name, who was ruthlessly and wickedly planked by a Teaching Practice student from Alvan Ikeokwu Federal College of Education, Owerri, Imo State.

   ''According to this extremely pained student, she lamented how this young man had been disturbing and pestering her life for a long time ago since he was posted in the aforementioned school. He got the rare opportunity and committed this height of cruelty, when these students were writing their 2nd term exam, yesterday, 23rd March, 2017.

   ''I was reliably informed that they (students) were busy writing exam having given a short time near to school dismissal. They were not satisfied with what they have put in paper. Particularly, he got to her and started dragging the answer sheet, and bantering words with the student. This is morally and socially unacceptable and condemnable.

   "He has been disturbing and threatening me to be his lover, of which I wouldn't like to, owing to the fact that, I'm still a training child and student. I am extremely pained. I am emotionally and psychologically traumatized over this wickedness exhibited by someone who supposed to be my teacher, now turned to my tormentor", she bitterly complained."
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Ogun Mother, Bisola Olukoya, Beats Her Teenage Son To Death, Then Secretly Buries Him (Pics)

A housewife, Bisola Olukoya, has been arrested by the Ogun State Police Command for allegedly killing her 16-year-old son.

The Command’s Public Relations Officer, Abimbola Oyeyemi, confirmed the incident on Friday saying the suspect committed the crime at Onifade-Itele town of the state.

   ''One Mrs Bisola Olukoya of No. 40, Ifelodun Street Onifade Itele has been arrested by the Ogun State Command for beating her 16 years old son, Toheeb Olukoya, to death.'' The police spokesperson said.

Mr. Oyeyemi said the incident happened on March 17. He said the suspect, while beating the deceased, used a plank to hit him on the head, after which the boy fell down and died.

He said the suspect hurriedly buried the deceased in connivance with her husband and ran away from the house.

The Police spokesperson said immediately the information got to the Police, the Divisional Police Officer in Itele Division, Lukmon Adejumo, led the detectives to investigate and the suspect was later traced and arrested at Iyana Ipaja in Lagos.

He said ‎the Commissioner of Police, Ahmed Iliyasu, has ordered the immediate transfer of the suspect to Homicide Section of the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department.

He also appealed to the public to always control their temperament especially when correcting their wards.

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Lagos Police Rescue Woman Who Attempted Suicide On Third Mainland Bridge (Pic)

The rescued woman being led into police vehicle..
The Lagos State Police Command has rescued a woman, Taiwo Titilayo Momoh, who attempted to jump into the Lagoon from 3rd Mainland Bridge today.

This is coming few days after a medical doctor, Allwell Orji jumped into the Lagoon from Third Mainland Bridge.

Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Fatai Owoseni, told newsmen at the Lagos Government Secretariat, Alausa, Lagos, Southwest Nigeria, on Friday that Momoh was in a taxi heading towards Oworonshoki on Third Mainland Bridge when she told the taxi driver to stop on the bridge.

According to Owoseni, the woman was about to jump into the water when a police patrol team on a routine patrol on the Third Mainland Bridge sighted her and rushed to save her before she jumped into the Lagoon.

   ''She attempted suicide by attempting to jump into the Lagoon around Oworonshoki inward Mainland on Third Mainland Bridge. Unfortunately for her, she was rescued. The woman was in a taxi and alighted on the bridge and wanted to commit suicide by jumping into the Lagoon.

   ''The police patrol team sighted her and rushed to rescue her before she jumped into the Lagoon.'' he said.

The commissioner said from his interaction with the woman, she had depression as a result of unpaid loans, adding that 'she is still insisting that she wants to end her life'.

Owoseni noted that committing suicide was an offence under the law but that the police would try to talk the woman out of committing suicide.

He said the woman would be taken through post-trauma programme to ensure that she had hope and not commit suicide, adding that the police would do a medical evaluation  on her to ascertain her condition.

Owoseni lamented the rate at which people commit suicide in the country, describing it as worrisome, adding that the police had begun patrol of bridges across the state to forestall other cases of suicide.

He added that it was now an offence for individuals to walk on bridges in the state and that no vehicle would be allowed to stop on any bridge in the state henceforth in order to prevent suicide incidences.

   ''Right now, the woman is still in trauma and she still insists that she wants to end her life.'' He said.

As the woman was being led from the RRS headquarters into a waiting police vehicle, she was confronted by several television cameras and still cameras and she reacted by saying that she was not a criminal and that her photograph should not be taken.
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Sex Scandal: See Video Of Stephanie Otobo's Mum Begging Apostle Suleman To Forgive Her Daughter, Saying, 'Stephanie Is Not Normal & She Needs God'

Mother of Stephanie Otobo, the alleged girlfriend of Apostle Johnson Suleman of the Omega Fire Ministries, has said she has not seen her daughter in the last three years, noting that her daughter ''is not normal.''

This is coming after Ms. Otobo, a Canadian-based Nigerian singer/stripper accused the fiery preacher of impregnating and abandoning her after he promised to marry her.

Following her initial allegation against the preacher, the singer/stripper had continued to release more intimidating details about her alleged romance with Suleman.

But her mother, popularly called Mama Tope, has opened a fresh controversy on the much publicized saga.

In a chat with newsmen in Sapele, Delta State on Thursday, Mama Tope said she has not met the cleric before, neither has she been to the Omega Fire Ministries.
Describing as untrue claims that she accompanied her daughter to the headquarters of Omega Fire Ministries in Auchi, Edo State for a purported introduction ceremony, she warned that, ''those manipulating her daughter against the man of God would be exposed''.

She expressed willingness to, ''see the revered cleric to apologize if given access to him.''

She further lamented that, ''all efforts to get Stephanie to lead a normal life had not yielded the desired result.''

Mama Tope appealed to Apostle Suleman to, ''forgive my daughter and bury the hatchet'' even as she blamed the devil for seeking to destroy her daughter. Watch the video below..
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Cynthia Osokogu's Facebook Killers Sentenced To Death By Hanging

A Lagos State High Court sitting in Igbosere has sentenced Ezekiel Eloka and Echezona Nwabufor to death by hanging for the murder of a post-graduate student, Cynthia Osokogu, who they lured from Nasarawa to Lagos before strangling her to death at a hotel in Festac Town, Lagos, in 2012.

Delivering her judgement, Justice Olabisi Akinlade declared that after carefully analyzing the evidence presented before the court, testimonies of prosecution witnesses, and confessional statements the deceased made to the police, she was left with no doubt that the accused were guilty of killing Ms. Osokogu.
She also found them guilty of the second charge of committing felony by stealing her Blackberry phone, saying the prosecution had proved beyond reasonable doubt that the accused intended and in fact took the life of the deceased in the process of stealing her phone and belongings.

She also found the duo guilty of the first and third charge – conspiracy to commit murder and conspiracy to steal.

Orji Osita, a pharmacist, who was initially released unconditionally but rearrested again, was discharged and acquitted of the charge of recklessness and negligence for selling drugs without prescription which the accused used in drugging the deceased.

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Pics: Men Who Defrauded Fellow Nigerians Using Bank Verification Numbers (BVN) Jailed

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC today secured the conviction of Innocent Clinton and Emmanuel Okanni before Justice Sa’ad Muhammad of the Gombe State High Court on a two-count charge bordering on conspiracy and theft.

The convicts, who hail from Orlu Local Government Area of Imo State, specialised in duping innocent people by obtaining their bank verification numbers using the trick that their accounts had been closed due to BVN issues.

Clinton and Okanni were arrested by operatives of the Gombe Zonal office of the EFCC in Imo State following a petition by Ibrahim Gwamna, alleging that on December 7, 2016, he received a call from one Kingsley who presented himself as a staff of Diamond Bank and asked him whether his mobile banking was working to which he answered in in the negative.

Later, he received a text message purportedly from Diamond Bank instructing him to call a particular phone number as customer care in order to lodge his complaint.

Few minutes after complying, he received an alert that the sum of N864, 000.00 was transferred from his account into the convicts’ accounts.

Upon arraignment today, the two men pleaded guilty to the charge and were accordingly convicted and sentenced to six months imprisonment each.

They however received the option of N30, 000 fine.

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Aba Young Thief Who Fakes Burn Injury To Steal Cars In Churches Nabbed (Pics)

According to reports, a thief who fakes burn injury to steal cars from churches, was nabbed in his recent attempt to steal from unsuspecting worshipers at a church in Aba. His fake injury was busted by one Dr. Okebugwu Nwankwo present at the church, who also proved that his burn was a fake one.
It was gathered that two vehicle master keys was recovered from the car thief, by
security men who searched him. Here's what an eyewitness wrote;
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Pics, Videos: Awww.. Just When African Queen, Annie, Thought 2Face Was Out In Madrid, He Showed Up & Surprised Her For Their Anniversary

Yesterday was Nigerian legend, TuFace and his African queen, Nollywood actress, Annie Idibia's 4th wedding anniversary and her loverboy husband, gave her a romantic surprise.
Annie was hanging out with her manager, Naomi and a friend, Franky, when 2Face who was supposed to be in Madrid showed up and surprised her.. So sweet!! They just know how to make one wanna fall in love, lol.. Me love them scatter..
TuBaba shared the surprise video and wrote; "She thought I was still in Madrid. She thought she was just having a peaceful dinner with Franky and Naomi. But I consulted some of my witches and wizards and lo and behold I'm here. I love this woman. #HappyANNIEversary".. See more pics below..
You've seen the pictures, now watch the romantic surprise below..
Meanwhile, watch the lovely new remix of African Queen TuFace released to celebrate his wife, Annie, on their anniversary..
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Nigerian Airforce Officer, Sholape Oladipupo, Murdered By Her Jealous Lover, Laid To Rest (Pics)

Sholape Oladipupo, the young, energetic Airforce officer who was murdered by her jealous lover has been laid to rest at the Air Force cemetery, Ojo, Lagos, yesterday.
She was allegedly killed by fellow military officer who called her a 'witch' for cheating with a 'bloody civilian'.

May her gentle, young soul rest in perfect peace. More pics from the burial below..
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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Islamic State (IS) Claim Responsibility For Westminster Terror Attack

Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the Westminster terror attack which left four dead, including a Police Officer and the assailant.

Here is what we know so far:

** Among the dead are Police Officer Keith Palmer and the assailant.

** 29 people remain in hospital receiving treatment.

** Mrs May said the attacker was a British citizen who was known to Police and Security Services.
** Eight people have been arrested and raids have taken place in London, Birmingham and elsewhere.

** The attacker, armed with two large knives, mowed down pedestrians with his car on Westminster Bridge on Wednesday afternoon.

** The knifeman was shot dead moments later by another Officer.
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Face Of The Westminster Attacker: Moment Dying Knifeman Is Stretchered Away After Being Shot By Police (Pics)

Startling images show the face of the dying knifeman being stretchered into an ambulance after stabbing a policeman to death and killing at least three pedestrians in a shock attack in Westminster today.

Being strapped onto the stretcher by compassionate ambulance staff, the Asian man in his 40s receives treatment after driving a 4x4 across Westminster Bridge, injuring 40 people.

Two objects that appear to be knives can be seen on the concrete next to the attacker, who then drove into the gates of the Palace of Westminster and stabbed a police officer to death.

An Asian man in his 40s, believed to be the attacker, is put on a stretcher and wheeled into an ambulance inside the grounds of Parliament with two knives (circled) left on the cobbles.

Being strapped onto the stretcher by compassionate ambulance staff, the Asian man in his 40s receives treatment after driving a 4x4 across Westminster Bridge, injuring 40 people

At least five people died this afternoon - including him - after the knifeman mowed down pedestrians then stabbed a policeman before he was shot by armed officers

The suspect's face can be clearly seen as he lies on his back on the stretcher, with his shoes on the floor and his shirt open, revealing what appear to bandages on his stomach.

The man drove a year-old Hyundai Tucson - worth up to £32,000 and registered in the affluent Essex city of Chelmsford - down Westminster Bridge at 'high speed' before attacking the officer.

The car - which is thought to have been a rental vehicle - can accelerate from 0 to 60mph in as little as 9.5 seconds and was registered between September 2016 and February 2017.

The man is believed to have been the only attacker although police locked down the area on a 'precautionary basis' tonight in case someone else was still at large.

Metropolitan Police assistant commissioner Mark Rowley told reporters outside New Scotland Yard tonight: 'We're satisfied at this stage that it looks like there was only one attacker, but it would be foolish to be overconfident so early on.

'So, for precautionary basis, we're locking down the area and doing all the necessary searches so we can be completely confident that everyone is safe.'

At least three civilians were killed on the bridge, as well as the police officer who was stabbed and his attacker.

Eyewitnesses described scenes of terror when gunfire rang out as the attacker approached a second officer within yards of the Houses of Parliament.

Paramedics fought to save his life and that of his victim on the floor of the courtyard in front of Parliament. Two large knives could be seen at the scene.

Witnesses described seeing a heavy-set man carrying a knife. Jayne Wilkinson said: 'We were taking photos of Big Ben and we saw all the people running towards us.

The driver crashed into Parliament's railings this afternoon and then rushed the gates and stabbed a police officer in the head and the neck before he was shot by another officer

'And then there was an Asian guy in about his 40s carrying a knife about seven or eight inches long.

What do we know about the 4x4 in the attack?

The vehicle driven into Parliament's gates this afternoon was a Hyundai Tucson worth between £19,000 and £32,700.

The black diesel car was registered between September 2016 and February 2017 in Chelmsford, Essex.

The car can accelerate from 0 to 60mph in as little as 9.5 seconds and the model has been made by the South Korean manufacturer since 2004.

All cars registered in Essex are registered to Chelmsford, which is where the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency's regional office is located.

Hyundai cars are registered in Essex when they are imported into the Port of Tilbury - and it is thought the car could have been a rental vehicle.

'And then there were three shots fired, and then we crossed the road and looked over. The man was on the floor with blood.

'He had a lightweight jacket on, dark trousers and a shirt. He was running through those gates, towards Parliament, and the police were chasing him.'

One pedestrian hit by the attacker's car before he reached Parliament was confirmed dead by a doctor, while others suffered 'catastrophic injuries'.

At least one of those being treated in the palace courtyard was wheeled away on a stretcher with their face covered.

Another woman who apparently jumped into the Thames as the attacker drove across the bridge was rescued and given urgent medical treatment on a pier.

London Ambulance Service said paramedics had treated at least ten patients on the bridge. French school children were among those targeted.

Prime Minister Theresa May, who was ushered away from Parliament after the attack, will chair a meeting of the Government's Cobra committee.

MPs were locked in the House of Commons for more than two hours and business was suspended after the attack, which happened at about 2.40pm.

At least four people died this afternoon after the knifeman mowed down pedestrians, crashed into Parliament's gates (above) then stabbed a policeman before he was shot by armed officers

Earlier, there were claims that a 'bald white man' and a 'black man with goatee beard' had been seen, following initial earlier reports that only the Asian man was involved.

But Britain's most senior anti-terror officer Mr Rowley later dismissed these claims, saying it was believed that only one suspect was involved in the attack.

Essex Police Acting Assistant Chief Constable Andy Prophet said: 'In Essex tonight, and until further notice, there will be increased visible police patrol including additional armed officers and other specialist resources.

'I urge the public to be alert but not alarmed. Police forces and our partners are doing everything we can to help protect the security of our citizens, public institutions, critical national infrastructure, and businesses and places.'

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